Monthly Favorites: June 2018

Yes, I know, I didn’t put up one of these last month, so can I really call them “monthly favourites” then? Well, as far as I’m concerned? Yes. Because, quite frankly – I just didn’t really have time to love too many things last month. In June, though? Boy, did I find some gems!

1. Food


Now, I know these are basically old news to just about everybody but me. But you know what? I bought myself a manual spiralizer just a little while back and I’ve honestly been loving it. Especially as I had quite a few late nights at work this past month, it’s been so easy to just get home, throw some sauce in a pan and quickly make some courgetti. Or carotti, or whatever vegetable I spiralized. Easy, healthy and delicious? Yes please!

Strawberry Lemon cake

This is one of those situations where I randomly went: I want to make a cake and I want to use EVERYTHING in my fridge. I didn’t quite get as far as really using everything (luckily, I had some garlic in there!) but I did realize I had some strawberries that were just a little too ripe to be eaten like that. And, you know, … Apparently I had like 3 half lemons and 2 half limes in my fridge? Cuz I always only need half of them and then forget I put the other half away? Anyways, I just cut up the strawberries, zested and juiced the lemons and limes and left out one fourth of the butter of a classic quatre quart cake (so 60g of sugar, flour and butter for each egg, using 4 eggs as a basis).

It was delicious. Oh, and it was pink. What could be better?

Dominos Popcorn chicken

Dominos is basically the superior version of Pizza Hut.

There, I said it.

And you know what the best thing is? They have the most delicious popcorn chicken. These little cubes of chicken, with an amazingly seasoned crust, fried and then served either with some barbecue sauce or as part of a salad… Man, I’m getting hungry just writing about it!


Not quite food, but something to help me make food. I got a bit kitchen crazy at the beginning of May and I bought (1) a waffle iron, (2) a kitchen robot, (3) a bread maker, (4) a fast cooker. I’m loving every single one of these and I’ve been basically using them non-stop. Seriously, I just want to cook non-stop. It’s gotten to the point where, everytime the bf has something with friends, I’m giving him cupcakes or something to take along. Suffice it to say – the bf’s friends also like the fact that I went a bit kitchen-appliances-crazy 🙂

2. Youtube

Blair Lamb – Disney Cruise

Now I know that Blair Lamb from BlairBlogs usually makes a monthly apperance in my favourite blogposts for, well… Any given month, really. This past month, however, she’s been killing it with her vlogs and videos about the Disney Cruise she and her husband went on. They were so thorough, so filled with attention to detail, and of course: so full of Disney? That I basically want to go on a cruise now. Any cruise will do – but Disney would, of course, be the best.

Jordan Page

Another blogger I’ve been following for a long time, and I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned her somewhere for her frugal living programs. If nothing else, I know like half of my frugal living-board on Pinterest is either by her, or inspired by her. Now, she and her husband do some pretty amazing “Q+A Tuesday” livestreams every Tuesday and I’ve been absolutely loving those. But probably my favourite video she put out this entire month? This one:

3. Other

2048 Solitaire

Does anybody else remember that game that everybody seemed to be playing a couple of years ago? 2048? Well, apparently there’s a solitaire version of it now, and, you know…. My highscore is over a million? I promise you I have a life, it’s just, well… I’ve spent a lot of time waiting on students to show up to their exams this month :p

Students that show up

To their exams, to classes, … I had a 42-student group that had to take their oral exam with me. 18 of those showed up. 18. That’s not even half of the group that decided to actually show up and take their exam. This may just be me, but do you get that? I mean, why would you just not show up??? I seriously don’t get it.

The bf

I mean, he’s basically part of my monthly favourites any month, but this month… Well, guess who now has a bf that handed in their final work, nailed their final presentation and just, oh you know… Got a job??? That’s right, the bf will soon start to be a fully contributing member of society! We’ll both be boring and adult-y now! Yay!

And there you have it, that’s my favourites of this past month. As you can probably tell, it was a month largely dominated by me wanting to cook (and eat) all the things and some annoying school stuff, so I’m wondering now: what were your favourites this past month? Any of you that graduated or ended school? Be sure to let me know below!