Favourite Pinterest Boards

A little while ago I wrote about my re-discovered love for Pinterest. One of the biggest bits was that I managed to reorganise my boards much more efficiently. One of the things I did for that, was look for inspiration. Now, I’m not quite there yet, but I figured I’d show you none the less: […]

I want to stop blogging but I can’t

So this is something a little different – I originally wrote this the first week of January, and eventually decided against actually posting it. Why? Because it felt a bit melodramatic. Looking back now? It definitely is a bit melodramatic. However, it’s also completely true to what I was feeling at that time. Don’t get me wrong […]

40 Days of Blogging

So some of you may have noticed that I’m posting quite a bit more regular than usual. Well, I’ve always had a nice little schedule going on – it’s just seen some additions. As in: this is my fourth post in four days! (I know, what on earth is going on??) Well, 40 days of […]