Review #3: Fabletics

I’ve mentioned a couple of times on this blog that I’m trying to live a bit healthier. So far, when I’ve talked about that, it’s mainly been about the eating-part of that – after all: eating healthy is incredibly important. Unfortunately, though (and that’s unfortunate because I’m about as athletic as a tree) that also includes sport.

Why don’t I love sports? Many reasons, the main one being: I’m bad at it. However, a big part of it (other than how red my face becomes and how fast I start sweating) is that I never find sports clothes I’m really comfortable in. So when, just before Easter, I came across Fabletics, I figured I might as well try it out – see if I’d have any luck.
And three months later, I figured it was about time to let you all know how I’ve fared with them!

First off: what exactly is Fabletics? Basically, it’s the fit-line of Kate Hudson.
How does it work? Well, Fabletics has quite the range of separate pieces as well as complete outfits. When you first go to the ‘store’, you fill in a sort of ‘pop quiz’ that allows the algorithme  to choose outfits better fit to your personal lifestyle, and then you choose one of them. And this is where it gets interesting. You can choose to either buy stuff as a ‘guest’, in which case you basically just go ahead, buy the item(s) of your choosing, and then never have to think about Fabletics again.
The second option is for you to choose to become a VIP Member, which basically means that you can shop more cheaply and that every time you do buy something, you earn ‘points’ that will eventually get you a completely free ‘loyalty’ item.
Here’s the sneaky part: every first day of the month, they send you a mail with a couple of suggestions for outfits that you might like. If you don’t “decline to shop” for that particular month (which is just a couple of simple clicks, but still, imagine forgetting) they automatically make you pay €50 (-ish, the price obviously depends on where you live).
That being said, I do believe the ‘risk’ is worth it, even if for no other reason than because the first time you shop with them, if you do choose the VIP Member-option, you basically get your outfit at 70% off.
Obviously, that’s what I did.

So what outfit did I choose?
One that consists of the “Electra Aviana Top”, the “Camacan Capri” and the “Dash Bra”, so let’s get go through those items one by one.

First off: the Sports bra:

The front is just very simple, plain black, but it’s the back that got me wanting this bra. Although the straps may seem very thin (let’s face it, they’re tiny) they do offer quite a bit of support. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t advice you to go do the 100m in them, but for just your ordinary work out in the gym? They’re perfect!

Second: the Electra Aviana Top:

Now, normally I’m not that big a fan of things with an open back, but for this one, I actually quite liked it. Especially combined with the sports bra or with a simple top, it actually looks quite dressed up and as such it’s really perfect for going to and from the gym! I do have to admit, I don’t really like my arms being covered while sporting (just because, as I already said, sweat) so I don’t usually wear it while I sport, but as a cover up? Brilliant.

Finally: the Camacan Capri:

It appears that they don’t actually have the exact print that I chose for the side anymore (it’s bright, and pink, and happy and summery) but these are basically the pants I got. they’re really comfortable, go quite high on my stomach (which is always a good thing, even if just for the little bit of extra support that offers!) and what’s most: they’re quite warm, so you can use them for sporting outside as well, but they don’t hold on to the sweat – let’s face it, one of the worst things when sporting is for your clothes to basically become a pool in and of themselves just because they hold on to any liquids. These pants really breathe very well, and they allow for a good range of motion. All together, these are probably my favourite of the entire outfit!

So there you have it, my feelings on each of the pieces I chose in my outfit. I guess it’s safe to say that I’m definitely very happy with my decision to try Fabletics – as I already said, I don’t find sporting clothes that I’m comfortable in very easily, and these actually are very comfortable
Definite recommendation!

Be sure to let me know below what your favourite sportswear is, and whether you’ve ever tried anything by Fabletics? (They deliver just about anywhere!)