New Releases: September 2018

Right. September. The month where colder temperatures start, cosy reading can get out of its hiding place and, you know…. Back to school – so “plenty of time” for reading, right? My new releases september update! 1. Sadie, Courtney Summers Sadie hasn’t had an easy life. Growing up on her own, she’s been raising her […]

About Books #53: A Dad of His Own

You guys. It’s begun. Christmas stories are starting to be published and – honestly? I’m here for it. The first for me, this season, is one that promises to be both magical, comforting and emotional and, you know… If that isn’t just what I needed from a Christmas story… My review for Minna Howard’s A Dad […]

Weekly Lists #145: Favorite Fandoms

I’m starting this post with a huge disclaimer. Each of these fandoms is in its own way problematic. I’m aware of that. It’s hard not to be. That being said? These are my favorite fandoms! 1. Harry Potter This is the gateway fandom. For me and many, many others, I’m sure. At this point, quite frankly, […]

About Books #52: The Lucky Dress

Everybody has that one piece of clothing, right? The one where good things just seem to happen as soon as you put it on? You get that little bit more confidence, it highlights all the right places, it makes Lady Fortuna smile at you just that little more often? Well, this book is about that lucky dress […]