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Autumn Printables

Things that are “not quite secrets”: I love fall. And fall-printables and everything that goes with that. Honestly, I’d be singing “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” – but that’s just a little too much too soon, right? So let’s just get right into this: some of my favorite autumn printables! Find it at… Read More Autumn Printables

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My 2018 Fall TBR

With the seasons changing comes, as always, a list of books I’m hopeful about. Hopeful that the fact that I want to read them will outweigh the fact that I’m dedicating myself to them through writing this post, that is. I mean, I honestly don’t know why I keep doing this to myself, because, well,… Read More My 2018 Fall TBR

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My 2017 Fall TBR

Some of you might be thinking: but it’s the end of October! You should be getting ready for Christmas, not going back a step! And to those people I say this: I haven’t yet had time to get to my fall reading. I haven’t even felt like fall yet– temperatures were positively summer-like up to and including this… Read More My 2017 Fall TBR

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Tags #2: The Autumn Tag

Another tag! And for once it’s not a book one! It was bound to happen eventually, right? Even though it’s getting closer and closer to feeling like winter (and even though I’m almost *allowed* to start decorating for Christmas) I just couldn’t not do this autumn tag! 1. We’re talking coffee”s – what’s your favourite seasonal… Read More Tags #2: The Autumn Tag