Weekly Lists #135: Books for Pride Month

It’s June! The school year’s almost over! It’s sunny! There’s holidays to be looked forward to! And (most importantly, maybe) it’s Pride Month! Now, I’ve consciously chosen not to include books I’ve already read. Mainly, that’s just because I wanted to discover some new LGBTQIAT+ books myself. Whether they be romance, realist, drama, or any […]

My 2018 Spring TBR

It feels crazy that I’m actually writing this, because apparently it’s going to be snowing tomorrow. You know, as it does, less than a week before spring is set to officially start. None the less, spring is, indeed, almost here. Almost. Which means it’s about time I get to thinking about the books I would like […]

#Inloveathon TBR

So today is February 9th, which means it’s time for the #inloveathon. I came across this readathon through Hardback Hoarder, who is one of the hosts. The basic concept? A week around Valentine’s Day to read nothing but the best, the most amazing, the most looked forward to romance novels. Now, I’ve been flying through romantic books […]

New Releases: February 2018

So here’s something I really really love: the smell of new books. And here’s something I do on a semi-daily basis: dream about all the books I would like to own, but don’t quite yet. So naturally, at some point, I was going to have to combine them, right? And that’s what this is! Some of my […]

Weekly Lists #116: Booktube made me do it

So we all have those moments, right? Where you’re just happily watching some Youtube. Nothing special, really. And then, suddenly. It happens. Someone mentions a book. A title, a blurb, a thing they loved about it. And although you’re quietly grumbling, you’re already getting out your phone and opening the Goodreads app. Because you just […]

My 2017 Christmas-TBR

The first week of Blog-mas has boiled down to absolute madness. Counting teaching, tutoring, preparing exams (which I finally got to hand in this past Friday – FREEDOM!), preparing for classes and correcting assignments, I was easily working upwards of 16 hours per day. I took care to prepare everything for this first week of […]