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5 Bad Habits I’m Getting Rid Of

Just as a quick disclaimer: I 100% took the inspiration for this post from Natalie Bennett (you can find the video here!). She’s on something of a self-care kick this year, and it’s made me realise that, in all honesty – I probably should be as well. What’s more, she titled it probably the best thing ever – Intentional Living. So often, we’re just sort of dragged along in whatever direction life takes us. From time to time, it’s good to remind ourselves that – oh yes: do we determine the direction of our lives. And as a first step to that? Here’s 5 bad habits I’m getting rid of!

1. Food

Food is a great thing. It’s linked to so many momentous occasions – whether they be happy or sad. However, it’s also often used as a comforter, something to control, …

At the very least, I have certainly been guilty of using it as such more regularly than I’m comfortable with.

So, rather than wasting food and spending too much money on food that I don’t end up eating, or that I eat for the wrong reasons (i.e. to fill the hole that takes over my insides, from time to time), I’m trying to be more conscious of what I buy, what I make, and what I eat.

2. “Yes”

This is such a typical thing, honestly, but I absolutely suck at saying no to people. And while saying “yes” from time to time is definitely a good thing? It does become problematic when you’re saying it, with no regard to your own life and/or plans with other people in your life.

It’s definitely a struggle for me, because I’m so scared of people thinking of me as always turning them down, or as being selfish, or a *not so nice word that is often said about women that rhymes with itch”.

There have been three things that do seem to be helping, for now. The first is to keep track exactly of how much time I spend on work, etc., already, so that I can make an educated guess as to whether I actually have time for something. The second is to respond with “can I think about it”, rather than a straight-up “no” (as that one is probably the most difficult word for me to say). The final one, has been to realise that every time I’m saying “yes” to work, in a way, I’m saying “no” to the bf, to my family, and to myself. And putting it into perspective like that? Did help a little.

3. Over-comparison

Because, let’s be real, I get down on myself often enough without actually bringing other people and all their accomplishments into the equation.

Fun fact though, at times, this also means that I can’t watch any youtube or tv. Because I’ll get to the point where I compare myself with those people’s lives so much, that it absolutely ruins me. I’ve severely cut down my subscriptions on YT as well, because of this – after all: if I can’t see the highlights, I don’t need to think about them, right?

Oddly enough, though, this has never been true for other social media – maybe it’s the fact that at least there, you know that it’s not real life you’re seeing?

4. Excuses

On the list of things I’m best at, making excuses should probably be one of them.

I’m too tired, too poorly, too hungry, too busy, … I’ve most likely said all of these at least once, no matter the week you choose to make your observations in. And honestly? In about 3/4 of those occasions, I’m not actually “too” anything – except for maybe too unmotivated.

Which is fine, you know? Just – it shouldn’t keep me from doing things that I know I will enjoy, or that I know will benefit me.

5. Leaning

This is such a random (and personal) one, but here it goes nonetheless: I’ve gotten into the bad habit of leaning on any table that I’m sitting at. Whether I’m eating, working, reading, talking? Chances are, my elbows are on the table, and my head’s resting on my hands. It makes for quite the inelegant picture and – in all truth – it doesn’t actually do anything except for make me feel more tired. So out with the leaning it is!

Are there any bad habits that you feel you should probably get rid of? Any that we might kick out together? Be sure to let me know below!



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