How to Survive Adulthood: announcement

In which I give myself the “joy” of starting a new series. And I ask you for some input on “How To Survive Adulthood”!

So I’ve had a couple of series on this blog – there’s the yearly Christmas features, of course. Then there’s my About Books, and Reviewing the Classics.

But probably some of the most fun posts to write – and especially to look back on – are the #HowToSurvive-series. There’s been How to Survive College and How To Survive Graduation, How to Survive Mental Health and a “random” How to Survive Anything.

In general, these series will focus on what’s going on in my life at any given moment. I was at University? How to survive college. I was facing the upheaval that is Graduation? You bet it: How to Survive Graduation. And now, I’m faced with being a proper Adult.


Sure, I wrote a “How to Survive Adulting”-post for the Graduation-series. But let’s be real: there’s quite a bit more to being an adult than just one post can tell. So I figured I’d do an entire series on it.

Only, here’s the thing: I’ve got nothing. Well, nothing might be a bit too much. I have something, obviously. After all, I’ve been surviving on my own for over half a year now. But, yeah. That whole “adulhtood”-thing? Still quite the stressful matter. How do taxes work? When do you know you’ve found the job/appartment/hobby/… for you? Why do you need a budget? Am I doing this stuff right? These are the kind of things I want to attempt to answer within this series.

Which is, of course, where my quest for your input comes along. Do you have a field you’re excelling at? Something you could give tips or tricks on? Any questions you might want answered? Leave me a comment, contact me, shoot me a DM on Twitter… Let me know – because I would love to make this more of an interactive thing!


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