Desk Tour: What is on / around my desk?

I am a college student. That sounds like some sort of a confession, but really, college is such a huge part of my life that, to a large extent, it does determine who I am.

I’m currently in my fifth year, so after this year I should (hopefully, fingers crossed) graduate with two masters. That means that I spent a significant amount of time either behind or wilfully ignoring my desk, and as such, that particular piece of furniture has become an important part of my life.

I’ve seen quite a few desk tours, or room tours, or house tours, and I always really enjoy them, so I figured I’d do one myself – in this case: my desk in my dorm, which looks a little something like this:

Now let’s get started!

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So my desk at my dorm consists mainly of the desk itself, but I also have a bunch of shelves, because, well… Books – need I say more?

I’ll just start with my actual desk itself, though.
First of all, the vaguely written sheet of paper taped to my radiator is my schedule. My classes are at the same time every week, so I just penned them down on there. Then, every week, I just add little post-its for stuff that happens only that week: if I’m meeting up with people, when I’m going to the fitness, when I have a deadline or a test, etc. It really helps me to stay on top of everything, and it’s nice that I don’t have to get out my planner every single time I want to check what I have going on that day!

Next up: the left side of my desk. This is basically the assigned stationary-place – and before you ask: yes, I do have 3 pencil cases. And there’s even a system to it! The pink pencil case is the one I take with me to classes, and it has just the basics: a couple of pens, some writing pencils, my fountain pen, etc.

The bigger, grey one, holds some pens, but also my colouring pencils, some felt-tip pens, etc.
The metal pencil holder a bit further back just holds my spare pens, pencils, and glitter-gel pens. Just to make sure I can never run out of anything 🙂
Of course, I have a whole bunch of markers, and then your classics: hole punch, stapler, scotch tape, and then in the little drawer-thingy, I just have more spares of just about everything, as well as a bunch of coupons I should probably either use or just get rid of (they’ve been there for a long while)

The right side of my desk is (slightly) more organised: for starters, I have my BRITA water filter – and I swear by this. I strongly dislike (read: cannot stand) the taste of tap water in my dorm, and this Brita jug both makes sure my water is clean, tastes good, and (there’s a reason I chose purple you guys) it actually looks pretty good too! And it’s better for the environment and for my wallet as well! No need to buy 10 bottles of water every week!

In the background of the picture above, you can see another little drawer-thingy. Here I keep just the stuff I need on a (almost) daily basic. On the bottom drawer, there’s my vocabulary books and my agenda (I take this out of my bag soon as I get to my dorm, so I don’t forget to check whether I have any things that need to be done soon(er).)

One drawer up, I keep any new notebooks and writing paper, so I always have some at hand when I need it. The next drawer is where I keep my post-its (they are totally adorable, don’t you think?)

What makes them even better is that I got them at Action for €2 all together 😮

The last but one drawer is reserved to some puzzle-books (I’m a geek, get used to it 😉 ) and the upper drawer (not in the picture) is where I put my head phones, my external hard drive, etc.
And in case you were wondering: yes, that is a candle holder in the shape of a skull – with pink glitter-eyes. What can I say? I like pink, I like glitter, and I love Halloween 🙂

As I said, I also have a bunch of shelves, and these are the first two of those: these are situated right above my desk, and this is where I keep my courses and manuals: the upper shelf is where I try to put just my course-notes, and the bottom shelves is where I keep my Norton Anthology, my collection of Arizona bottles (not only is that stuff delicious, the bottles are so cute!) as well as my collection of little animal-figures (aren’t they adorable?)

And because I bought these at a market for a good cause, I like them even more 🙂

Finally, for this pair of shelves, I have a calendar hanging down – I get the new one each year, and it always has these adorable images on it, that always match the month!

Last part of this desk tour: my next pair of shelves – the reason that the bottom shelf is not in the picture, is that I basically just use it to store my beverages and cookies (the ones that don’t have to be kept cold, that is).

As you can see, there’s quite a number of books on these drawers – I do study Literature and Linguistics, after all – and that is basically what these are meant for: the bottom shelf is to keep all my set reading (as well as my dictionaries, because let’s just face it: Le Petit Robert is anything but small!), the top shelf holds some of the books I want to read, or reread. A girl’s got to relax, after all!

So there you have it, that’s my desk! What do you think? Do I just have a bunch of unnecessary stuff taking up space? (I know quite a lot of people who would most definitely agree with you on that one!) Or do you (like me 🙂 ) see the use in all those things? Let me know below!


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