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How to Survive Graduation: Goodbyes

Probably the hardest thing about college: what comes next. Sure, college has its ups and downs. But at least it’s fairly familiar. If you’re anything like me – and you keep studying – you can spend quite a portion of your life in school. In my case: 21 years. The sudden change that is graduation can be quite terrifying then. I would know, I’m currently mid-freak-out. So here’s me trying to figure out how to survive graduation. This week: saying goodbye.

So some of you might have noticed that last week there wasn’t a Random Sunday post. Truth be told: I was just exhausted. You see, Last friday I had the last day of my Journalism internship. That day also marked the last “real” day of me being a student. Sure, I still have to hand in a couple of papers, but those are basically done already. Which has led me to a sad, sad realisation.

I’m supposed to say goodbye.

Now, I’m not good at goodbyes to begin with. But graduation implies a whole lot of goodbyes that are just a lot harder than I imagined.

I’m saying goodbye to school. Believe it or not, even after over 21 years? Still not tired of school. I love learning new stuff, I love getting new information, and I know a lot of people that are exactly the same. There’s a reason so many people – especially in Belgium, where education is fairly cheap – study on after getting their bachelor’s degree.

Then again, you never really stop learning. Whether it be through something more like community college, through evening school, or another option? Learning is something you can do all your life. One might even argue that going to work offers new learning opportunities.

Saying goodbye to people is another one I’m not looking forward to. Now, of course, “we’re not really saying goodbye” and all that jazz. But let’s be real. How many college friends really do keep on meeting up regularly, even if they live close by? When real life catches up with you, there’s just not as much time.

Which leads me to number three: goodbye to freedom. College is the period in your life where you can figure things out. What do you want to major in and what do you want to do for a living? What kind of people are you most comfortable with? Who do you want to be when you grow up? (And no, age doesn’t guarantee adulthood – but more on that in next weeks post 🙂 )

At the same time, however, several thrustworthy sources have already told me that there’s great freedom in graduating as well. For one thing, you will now supposedly make the money you spend yourself. No more loans, no more parental everything. The fact that you now can decide for yourself all the what’s, who’s, and where’s? Supposedly that brings you freedom as well. I’m not entirely sure I believe that, but oh well. I guess I’m about to find out, right?

Are you about to graduate college? What goodbyes are you looking up against? And if you have already graduated: how do you do it? Do you have any tips for me? (Merlin knows I need them 🙂 ) Be sure to let me know below, and check out the rest of my How to Survive Series’.

Do come back next week as well – I’ll have a couple of things to say about adulting then. Not that I know anything about that, right?


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