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So last year I did a bit of a last minute post on some of my favourite Halloween-themed Youtube Videos. This year, I figured I’d actually try and be prepared – so I graduated from videos to blog posts. Decoration blog posts, to be exact.

Yep, that’s right.

Here are some of my favourite Halloween decoration ideas – have fun reading them!

1. Bat  Bouquet

Source: Instructables.com
Source: Instructables.com

So, first of all: how amazing does this look?

Like, seriously – I need this in my life! Although I feel like it’s quite a bit of necessities, this doesn’t actually look all that hard to try? Either way – I love it!

2. DIY Bleeding Halloween Candles

Source: PopSugar
Source: PopSugar

I mean, I don’t really think this one needs all that much explanation. There candles and they look absolutely gory. It’s perfect for Halloween!

3. Halloween Wreath

Source: Overstuffed Life

So Lara from Overstuffed Life has a whole bunch of handy and cute DIY’s, but her Halloween wreaths are probably some of my favourites. Not only are these gorgeous – they’re actually doable. And of course: you can use these again and again!

4. Martha Stewart

No, you’re not decorating by putting Martha Stewart in your house.
(Is it bad that I immediately felt the need to clarify that?)

Source: Martha Stewart
Source: Martha Stewart

However, she does have some amazing decoration ideas, and I especially love the elegance of many of these ideas!

5. Halloween Mason Jar

Source: Mom Dot
Source: Mom Dot

I mean – just look at it! Mason Jar art in any form is usually great, but this is just beyond amazing! Don’t you just want to make it?

So, there you have it – some of my favourite Halloween Decoration posts! How are you decorating your house this year? Be sure to let me know below!


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