How to Survive the Morning

You know that awful moment? It’s cold, it’s early, and you could have sworn you had more time before the alarm clock went off? You take that first step out of bed and you wonder. How on earth am I going to survive the morning?


Consider this your guide!

Preparation: The Night Before

First things first: if you want to enjoy your morning, that means you need to get some stuff sorted the night before!

Personally, there’s a couple of things I absolutely need to get done. Not only in order to get to sleep happily, but also to wake up well.

  1. Do the dishes.
    Nobody likes to wake up, only to realise they still need to do the dishes from the night before. Get them done, get it out of the way. And give your future self one less thing to look up against come morning 🙂
  2. Clean up.
     Now, of course, I’m not talking deep-cleaning your entire house, but just tidying up and making sure no big messes are left around? It makes for a much better start of your day!
  3. Check your planner.
     If you’re anything like me, 5 minutes after you’ve gone to bed makes for the perfect moment for wondering if maybe you’ve forgotten about a deadline or whether you have any important things to do the next day. Checking your planner a while before you go to bed gives you the chance to erase that anxiety (and thus make sure you sleep well!). It also gives you something to get up for in the morning – literally. If you know what you have to / get to do during the day, you’re more likely to want to get up in the morning!
  4. Make your bag.
     Maybe you have classes, maybe you have work, maybe you’re just meeting up with friends or taking a walk. No matter what you have planned, make sure to pack your bag the day before. That’s one less thing you have to do in the morning. And of course – if you do it while you’re actually really awake, there’s less of a chance that you forget something important!

The morning

And then there’s that moment you actually have to get up. Now, if you’re not a morning person, this part is going to stink either way. However, if you do these things – the unpleasantness might be slightly less overwhelming 🙂

  1. Get out of bed – immediately.
    Yes, this is absolutely the most horrible part of getting up. Especially now, with fall in full action and winter (seemingly) just around the corner. It’s just entirely too cold to get out of any place that’s as nice, cozy and warm as my bed is. However, if you can just get it over with, you’re much more likely to actually have a good start to your day.
    Now, I consider myself kind of a morning person – but you know what? If I do the whole “I’ll press the snooze button one more time”-thing? I hate getting out of bed as well.
    So trust me on this one – turning around, snuggling back under the covers, pressing snooze?
    Don’t do it.
    Just get it over with, basically, and get out of bed!
  2. Get changed.
    For me, that usually means my Harry Potter-room suit as well as at least one fleece, and I guess that kind of paints the right picture. Whether you have a bathrobe, your working clothes, or your work out clothes, just get changed. If you’re still in you’re pyjama’s, the only thing you’re going to want to do is get back in that bed.
    (An object in movement wants to stay in movement, etc.)
    So yes, get changed – again: get the hard part over with as soon as possible, and then move on!
  3. Get breakfast.
    Now, I cannot tell you too much how important it is to have breakfast. Not only does it get your day started, and your body as well, but it’s what’s going to give you the energy to get going!
    Make sure it’s something you like – I was once told “it’s better to eat something not all that healthy in the morning, than to eat nothing at all” and it’s definitely something I’ve kept in mind since.
    It’s not always easy to get yourself to eat something healthy. I know it really, really isn’t. So if you have to, make yourself chocolate chip pancakes. But just make sure you have breakfast – it’s vital!
  4. Get going.
    Now that you’re out of bed, no longer in your pyjamas and properly fed? Move on with your day 🙂
    You should be all ready to go (because you checked your planner, etc. last night, remember?) and that means now you can just get started.

So, those are some of my main tips to survive the morning. What are some of your favourite tips and tricks? Be sure to let me know below!


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