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Monthly Favourites: April 2018

If you’ve been following me for a long (long) while, you’ll know that about two years ago, I used to have a post up every Saturday about some of my monthly updates. Every week I’d talk about my favourite food, music, watchable or reading-material from the past month. Well, it’s been a while, but I feel like I’m back at liking a lot of stuff. So I figured: why not give this a go? And share with you: my monthly favourites april 2018!

1. Food

  • Celery with hummus – I know this is like the oldest trick in the book, but what with the incredibly hot temperatures we had two weeks ago, I needed cold food. And my local supermarket sold this packaged and ready to take with me.
  • Oatmeal milk – I’m trying to stay away a bit from actual milk because a) my skin doesn’t like it and b) it’s not actually that nice a taste. And I’ve found I actually really like the taste of this one – especially the Dream-brand is amazing!
  • Oppo Colombian Chocolate and Hazelnut Ice Cream – I like ice cream maybe a little too much. And since I’ve pretty much figured out what flavours of Ben & Jerry’s I like best? I needed to try a new brand – I’d read quite a bit about this one and I kind of liked the fact that it’s low-cal, so when I saw it in my supermarket? Got it, tried it, loved it! The hazelnut flavour is very distinct, but I actually quite like that 🙂

2. Music

  • Eurovision songs – It’s almost that time, people! In one week, the entire show is starting! A week of non-stop music, glitter, over-the-top-ness and all other Eurovision-goodness. I try to limit myself to just one listen before the actual thing starts, and I went through that Thursday. And while I’m not really too convinced on most of the songs? There’s just a couple of gems in there – Israel is something else, let me tell you!
  • Celtic Woman – I have these periods of listening almost only to one thing, and these past weeks? They’ve definitely been back in my playlist. I especially love the songs from the Destiny-tour, so if you’d like to hear some amazing, calming, beautifully sung music? Maybe start with that tour!

3. Activities

I’m not really sure if many people do this category, but I’ve found that this is usually the one that I have the most favourites in, on a monthly basis. So here you go!

  • Tutoring – I’m taking on more hours of this every week, it seems. And while at times it does eat up what free time I would have? I’m actually really liking the chance to get some more one on one teaching in!
  • Time’s Up! – Everyone knows this game, right? Well, me and the bf bought it a little while ago and we’ve been playing it with basically anybody that’s come over. And I’ve had to remove myself from the room on several occasions because I actually thought I might just pee myself – that’s how funny this can get.
  • Watching Full House – This is my third time watching Full House and while I definitely was too old for it the first time I watched it? I find myself kind of liking it more each time? It’s just a really comforting thing to watch, somehow 🙂
  • Put lavender-bath-salt next to my bed – This is purely a “smell”-thing, by the way, but there it is none the less. My parents got me some lavender bath salt as a souvenir at the beginning of the month, and the smell of lavender is pretty heavy. I put it next to my bed the first night I had it, just because, well… Basically, just because I was too tired to go put it away in the bathroom. And I slept like a baby. By now, I’m like 99% sure that’s because of the lavender sent, so I’ve just kept it next to me for over two weeks now! (Don’t worry, I’m looking into essential oils so I won’t be stuck with a pack of bath salt next to my bed 🙂 )

And that’s it, that’s my favourites for this past month! What have you been loving in April? Be sure to let me know below!


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