My Fitness Wishlist

This may seem like a totally random post to you. And in truth, if you compare it to most of my other recent content? It probably is. However – if you know me, you’ll know that me and fitness have something of a complicated relationship. More on that in a second, but suffice it to say – what with us looking to buy a house, this year? I’ve decided that this is the year I’ll make going to the gym my own. And that involves this fitness wishlist!

Me vs. running: 0-1

You see, I hate running. Always have, always will. No matter if I had to do it daily in high school, or on a treadmill in the gym? I loath it. Also, it hurts. It’s the number one way for me to get an injury. Something about one of my hips being longer than the other, or something like that. And honestly, it’s made being sporty rather difficult.

As long as I was in high school, I would cycle everywhere, I had up to 4 hours of dance a week, and just – in general: I moved a lot. Even in college, I would make it a point to walk everywhere, and I’ve kept that up as I moved into my working life. But, as it turns out, I have a lot of energy. And half an hour or an hour of walking a day? Just doesn’t cut it. But also, there aren’t any gyms I feel comfortable at, where I live. And cycling? That’s basically asking for accidents, in Brussels.

The only real option for sport, these days, is running. And – again: I hate runningIt’s resulted in me and fitness falling out of love. Call that a victory for running, if you will, but I’m determined it won’t win the war. That’s why I’ve come up with this fitness wishlist!

An at-home gym

The one thing that probably won’t improve when we move? Having a gym nearby. So I’ve decided to change the rules of the game – if I can’t go to the gym? (Or, as I know myself, I can’t motivate myself to go to a gym that’s too far away?) I’ll just have to bring the gym to me.

The house we’re buying has a beautiful, big attic. It’s roomy, it’s light, it has a reinforced floor… In other words: it’s perfect to be, at least partially, dedicated to a gym-spot. Luckily, the bf is 100% on me with that one, as he and running have had a similar lack of common interest. Luckily, he’s very chilled out about these things, so he’s basically let me do all the dreaming. He’s also given me a couple of reality checks as and when necessary, and together, we’ve come to the following list. Part of this will be for the both of us, part of it will be for me, as I have a couple of specific things I’d like to accomplish. You’ll see what I mean!

Our wishlist

… consists of three particular things.

We both like cycling (going on bike rides was one of our prime ways to get some time together during exams). We’re also both into lifting weights – I can’t speak for the bf, of course, but I do know that for me, it’s one of the most satisfactory things to do in terms of fitness. It’s something that allows me to push myself, it doesn’t take too long, Finally, there’s this random thing that we’ve both always loved – that I think my sister would actually be very happy about as well :p

In other words, the first thing we want to get as soon as we can sit our little gym-area up? A hometrainer. The most important thing for us, is that it has a trustworthy heart rate monitor, and that it offers some sort of interval program. Apart from that ? We’re not too picky.

Source: Tunturi

We actually have a little collection of weights, but I’d definitely like to add to that. So far, my favourites out of the weights we own, is by the brand Tunturi – you’ll come across it a couple more times in this post, don’t worry :p

Source: Tunturi

The thing I like most about these dumbbells, is that they’re very comfortable to hold. There’s been other brands where I would literally get blisters as soon as I reached 100 reps – honestly? That just won’t do. In general, I prefer to go for low weight, high rep (it’s supposed to result in leaner muscle?) so I need something that’s going to feel comfortable. And of course – the fact that you get this variety of colours? I’m not mad about that either.

Omniflex Free Standing Punch Bag
Source: Lonsdale

Honestly, that last one in particular is probably more so a pipe dream. But hey, if you’re writing a wishlist, you might as well include the dreams, right?

There’s a couple of other things that would probably be included in this list – such as there are: some dumbbells, an abb wheel, a medicine ball… Maybe even a cardio skipper? I certainly used to love those as a kid… You know, all the basics that don’t take too much place, but allow you to get a good work out in!

My wishlist

As I said, there’s a couple of things I’d like to get (back) into. On e of the main things would have to be ballet – which is why I’d really love to install a barre. You know, to try barre training as well as just some relaxing.


Source: Amazon

One of the things I’ve wanted for a long while, is a Pop Flex Active yoga mat. Cassy Ho was one of the first youtube fitness-gurus I ever came across, so when she started her own line of yoga- and pilates inspired necessities? It was one of those things where I wanted to support her. And also – have you seen how absolutely stunning this yoga mat is?

Flourishing Foliage Vegan Suede Yoga Mat Mats
Source: Pop Flex Active

And again, there’s quite a couple of things I *would like*. Power Bands and a balance board are just some of them. In all honesty though? I’m just happy that I’l have a dedicated place where I’ll be able to set any or all of this up. As long as I have that, well… I’d say I’ve already gotten the most important part of my fitness wishlist!

What would be on your list if you were to write it out? Any things you think I might like to add on here? Be sure to let me know below!


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