Review #1: 5 Sistema Products

So here’s the thing: I love organising stuff. I like having everything in its place, and having a place for everything (I’m also considerably certain that I just completely butchered some sort of proverb – sorry if I really did).

For food, however, I’ve had a lot of trouble finding things you can actually use – things that fit my needs, that look good, and that actually do what they say they’re supposed to be doing. I was constantly seeing youtubers create great lunches (and videos) using a ton of different pots and bobs to put everything away, and I could never really find anything like it…

A couple of months ago, however, I was doing a mini-city trip with the bf, and came across some stuff by Sistema, and I knew I had to have it – it looked like everything I wanted, and it was way within my price range – which, being a college student, was really important.

I’ve been trying those things for the past couple of months, so now it’s time to see what it’s been like!
This post is in no way or form sponsored, but it does contain affiliate links.
(Ps: Sistema: if you’re reading this – can we change that whole bit where I’m not sponsored by you?)

1. KLIP IT Salad to Go Lunchbox 1.1 L

I’m starting with this one because this is basically the one that first got my interest – I love eating salads, be it a more solid one for lunch, or a small one as a snack or brunch, but because I do tend to often have classes on odd hours, I can’t always eat it at my dorm.
Taking it with me, however, always seemed to consist of either mixing everything way beforehand (and then everything got soggy because of the dressing) or taking along 5 different containers.
This system actually allowed me to have everything with me at once – quite often, I’d even put all the “dry” ingredients in the bottom part (it fits a lot, so I actually could do that!) and put some crackers or a small sandwich on top.
What I loved most, though, is how easy it is to clean it – way too often for my liking, these sort of boxes will somehow make any sort of grease or dirt stick to them, but this plastic really allowed for every easy washing – considering that, too often, I had to both clean it out in the morning ànd put a new salad in, that really did make my life a lot easier!
Another lunchbox? Why, yes, indeed! Here’s the thing: every Sunday- and Friday- evening, me and the bf spend several hours on the train going to or from our dorm. During that time, we need food – unfortunately, our food preferences are pretty different and I am just not taking 2 or 3 different boxes. (And yes, it is in fact me that does the food – as you may have, by now, noticed: I love cooking. So preparing sandwiches and stuff is actually something that is very relaxing to me)
This box, however, allows for that really easily. As you can see on the picture, you can put different types of food in different containers, while at the same time also holding something bigger, like some double-layered-sandwiches.
Again: I love how easily this can be cleaned, but mainly, it’s the compartmentalising that does it for me, here!

3. To Go Compact Breakfast Storage Container – 530 ml


This was actually the second item that caught my attention in the store, mainly because this containers comes both with two layers and a spoon – really, I feel like containers that come with their own cutlery are like the kitchenware version of dresses with pockets: quite rare, and inciting a little hallellujah-moment every time you come across one.
This container as a whole is actually completely closed off, so you can carry things such as yogurt in there (I’ve done that, so I know it’s true). Unfortunately, though, the same can’t be said about the two levels: either you put your “liquid” in the bottom section, and then you’re spoon (which is held on the bottom of the upper section) is going to be covered, or you put it in the upper section, in which case there’s a distinct chance (read: it happened to me every time) it will escape by the sides and both make its way to the lower level and make it impossible to get anything of a grip on the two little grips on the side.
Regardless, I love this container – it’s made bringing my multi-component snacks to class a lot easier.
You might be wondering why I seemingly need two of everything – two lunchboxes, to smaller containers, … Let me start off, then, by telling you that I was actually severely tempted to actually buy 4 of everything – that is: of each separate type of container (because they have 4 colours, basically). The fact that I only bought 2 similar things each time, can, in fact, be considered a victory.
This one would, I suppose have the same problem with “liquids” as the previous one, however, as it doesn’t have any form of cutlery on it, I haven’t really been faced with that particular problem.
What I do appreciate, however, is that this one is exactly large enough to carry at least two types of snack, allowing me to get enough variation in my food and to not overeat – if you have to bring two separate containers you will (or at least: I do) fill both of those up, and that doesn’t necessarily end well when I’m feeling particularly peckish.(
(Also, can we just appreciate what a perfect shade of purple this is?)

I. Love. This.
Now let me just tell you – I am a lazy person. If it were at all possible, I probably wouldn’t leave my dorm ever (although that might actually have more to do with my social anxiety than with my being lazy, but oh well – the fact remains: I don’t necessarily always like leaving my dorm. at all)
That entails that I have become an expert in how to get as much food cooked while having to leave my dorm as little as possible. For the large majority, that just means I cook a lot of food once a week and then live off of that and my microwave for the rest of the week. However, I also like to eat fresh food, and that’s where this comes in.
Yes, this is a rice steamer. However, as I’ve found out, you can also use it to steam any type of pasta, any type of vegetable and probably even more – I’ve only had it for 2 months, okay, I haven’t had a chance yet to test its full limits yes.
Basically, this rice steamer has this really cool system where any steam is caught between the lid and the holder just under that, allowing whatever your steaming to remain really nice and moist (basically the biggest problem if you’re trying to cook veggies and rice in your fridge, they become dry because all the water evaporates).
This one, too, cleans very well, it doesn’t take up too much space – and it’s just pretty darn handy!
All in all, I guess you could say that I quite like the Sistema products I’ve used so far. I’m definitely going to go back and buy more of them, probably, as soon as I manage to clear some closet space (the one down side: when not in use, you have to store all the storage containers somewhere!)
Have you ever used anything by Sistema? Do you know of any similar systems? Be sure to let me know below, and definitely give all of these products a try!
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