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Girl Meets Life’s October Blogging Challenge: Part 1

Yey! It’s October! And apparently, in blog-country, that means not only that fall is finally really upon us, but also this:

And you can find the other parts here!

Because I only found it now, though (and because, quite frankly, I don’t feel like I should just be putting blog posts out there that are, like, 5 words long, I’m going to be doing 5 of the challenges every couple of days. Sorry if that’s cheating (it is a bit, though, isn’t it?) but as I said: Tumblr has taught me the bad habit of responding to these things in as little words as possible, so oh well…

Anyways: here we go!

1. Your goals for October:
blog-wise: plan and/or write a whole bunch of weekly lists, and post at least one extra post per week
life-wise: get my first three essays written, write at least one chapter of my masters’ thesis and, if at all possible: have some to myself somewhere in the midst of that 🙂


2. Thankful Thursday:
What am I thankful for? A bunch of stuff actually – that I have a home, that I’m doing relatively well in school, that I have some great, great friends – but on Thursday, I was actually just thankful for the existence of sushi – it’s basically become my comfort food and I was really thankful for that then!


3. OOTD (Outfit of the Day)
Seeing how as I’m already cheating a bit, I’ll just go on with that here: not my outfit of the 3rd of October, or even my outfit today – but the ultimate outfit of the day these last few months: once upon a time, I came across this amazing dress – the exact right colour of green (I’m about as pale as it gets, so I have to be kind of careful with what colours I wear), the perfect model, all around perfect. Of course, me being me, I lost the link to it, and then spent the next 2 years trying to find it. And, just in time for my birthday party, I did:

Yeah, so this is obviously not me wearing it (if only :p ) but here’s the link to this awesome dress


4. Explain the story behind your blog name

It originally started as “Running while walking through home” on Tumblr – the phrase was a translation of part of something I wrote when I was, like, 14, in Dutch, and when I needed a name for my Tumblr, I picked that one. Then, after almost 2 years on Tumblr, I started to sort of ‘grow myself into’ booklr, the book-part of Tumblr (cuz, hey, I like to read! Who would’ve guessed?) and so I changed it to “Walking through the pages” because it still held some similarity to my original URL, but at the same time was obviously more book-ish. I actually considered changing it to “Walking through the Lists” when I first got my blog (because “Weekly Lists”, obviously) , but then I realised that Walking Through The Pages just fit me better, so that’s what it stayed 🙂


5.Your top 5 favourite movies
I actually already have a post on this, which you can find here. I do have to add to that, though, that basically any film with Robin Williams in, I’m probably going to like as well + all things Disney. It’s just the way I roll 🙂

Let me just finish this off by giving credit where credit is due: I found this challenge via Little G, whose post was reblogged by Female Blogger on twitter, but it was originally created (I think) by Girl Meets Life (and I’m not sure whether her blog-name is a play on the spin-of series of Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World – but if it is, that’s totally awesome!) And yes, you should totally go check out all of those blogs, they’re pretty cool 🙂


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