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Girl Meets Life’s October Blogging Challenge: Part 2

So, as I’m still running behind on schedule for this thing, I figured I’d not wait too long to get this on here. So without any further ado: here is the second part from Girl Meets Life’s October Blogging Challenge!

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6. Six pet peeves you have
I have a lot of these – just ask my boyfriend – but I think a couple of the main ones are probably these 6:

  • Being late – I cannot stand it when people are late, I think it’s just disrespectful, and although I can totally understand it happening once or twice, for some exterior reason, people who are just always late annoy the heck out of me.
  • People who eat with their mouth open – just NO. It’s disgusting, it’s bad manners, it’s disgusting, it’s nauseating and did I mention it’s disgusting?
  • Books that have an unsatisfying ending. Although I get that sometimes, the ending has to be open, that does not mean it has to be unsatisfying – if you haven’t answered a single question, haven’t come to any conclusions, or anything? It’s not supposed to be done yet, give me some closure already!
  • When pens do that stupid thing where they can’t seem to decide whether they still have ink in them. I so have not got the time to try and get you writing again, but I’m not throwing you away until I’m absolutely sure you’re absolutely empty either, so some cooperation pen-wise would be much appreciated.
  • Professors that talk non-stop from the moment their class starts to the point where, two hours later, they just leave the room. We know you’re just there to get your hours done, but at least give us a break halfway through – or even just plain old the time to write down everything you’re saying!
  • This is such a cliche, but people who consequently ignore the difference between they’re/there/their, of/off, etc. It’s called grammar, use it. (this might just be the point where the fact that I study linguistics might be guilty just a tad bit, though 🙂 )
7. Seven lessons you’ve learnt so far this year
  • I can do way more than I think I can, study-wise. I’m basically doing three years of college in two years’ time, and even though everybody declared me mental (they still do, actually) I got it done, and pretty well-done too!
  • Broccoli needs a ridiculously long time to be really well-cooked. I was going to make cauliflower-broccoli-mash, and it did not end well. I need to get the patience to actually wait for it to be ready.
  • I can organise a birthday and genuinely enjoy it, even if I had a panic attack earlier that day and was convinced nobody would show up or they would all hate it, etc., etc., etc.
  • Reeses’ Cups are the best
  • French is actually a really great language, as long as I don’t forget to look beyond the sheer amount of vocabulary it has me study
  • I will read for my leisure even when I have three heaps of deadlines right in front of me, just because it’s the only way I can actually get myself stressed enough to get everything done
  • Same goes for any and all Facebook-games, especially but not limited to Pet Rescue Saga, Diamond Crush and Mahyong
8. A day in the life
Boring though this may seem, college has just about taken over my life, so this is what basically all my days look like: wake up / have breakfast / study/go to class / have lunch / study/go to class / have dinner / study / watch a movie / sleep.
And repeat!
9. Throwback Thursday
Here’s a picture of me when I was tiny!
Or, in other words: from when I was about 5 🙂
Only two more days to go, so if I manage to get day 10, 11, and 12 out by tomorrow, I’ll be right on schedule to – well, basically, to forget all about this challenge and then have to do all of them at once anyways, in a week or so.
Either way, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend (it’s Sunday afternoon here) and ’till the next time!
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