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Girl Meets Life’s October Blogging Challenge: Part 6

I’m not even going to try to explain this, actually – I could’ve sworn it was Friday just yesterday, but apparently I somehow skipped a couple of days this week – which makes this video about a bunch of days late. Either way, here’s the sixth part (or: 5 days ) from Girl Meets Life’s October Blogging Challenge! (I totally accidentally typed Girl Meets World first, because that’s just the kind of mood I’m in right now 🙂 )

And you can find the other parts here!

23. Your favourite past Halloween costumes
Well, Halloween isn’t actually the big thing it seems to be everywhere else, really, so I’ve only really gotten dressed up for it a couple of times. (3 times of which I was a witch – apparently I really like being a witch?)
So I decided to do something a little bit different: this week, there’ll be a second weekly list, probably the day before Halloween, which is going to consist of 5 of my favourite Halloween inspiration ideas, be they hairstyles, costumes, or decoration – so keep an eye out for that!

24. Favourite workout songs
Now, if you’d asked me this question approximately a month ago, I would’ve had no answer – because I, quite frankly, am not the sportiest of girls. HOWEVER – I recently joined a gym (best decision I’ve made in quite a while) so now I can actually answer this one! Of course I have a playlist with workout songs (it is me after all) so here are the first 5 that came up:

25. Your favourite things about the holidays
Does everything count? Seriously though, there’s just about no getting all of this into one post – which is why, for the 12 days of Christmas, I’ll be doing 12 days of lists, with some of my favourite elements of Christmas! (so again: keep an eye out for that, because (and I should know, I’ve already started writing it) it’s going to be pretty nice 🙂

26. Your weekend highlights
Any weekend’s highlights: being home, being able to sleep in, not having to cook myself, seeing my family, and at the end: being able to go back to my dorm (which I also love 🙂 ) Also: on Friday, I have my singing class, which I absolutely love!

27. Top tips for a new blogger
Well, since I’ve only really had this blog for a couple of months (as in: 3 months? I think?) I’m still trying to figure a lot of things out, but here are some of the post that I really feel helped me get off on the (hopefully!) right foot):

  • Tips for New Bloggers, Kayla Blogs: this is one of the posts that I read as soon as I started this blog – and I’ve actually gone back to it a couple of times just to make sure (plus: this blog in general is just really amazing, so definitely go check it out!)
  • How to Set up a Custom Domain, TheWonderForest: I did decide to get a custom domain, just because… Well, mainly ‘just in case’, actually, but also because I am (kind of, just a bit) hoping to actually “do something” with this whole blogging-thing, and I figured it couldn’t hurt… Anyways, she explains how to go about getting a custom domain (and making it work for Blogger) really clearly, so if you need any help / advice on that: take a look at that post!
  • My process of writing a Blog Post in 10 Steps, Blair Blogs: this one I just think is really useful in general, for writing posts, for figuring out how you want your writing process – I don’t exactly follow her steps, but I did take inspiration from them for my own process – so definitely go visit this blog!
So there you have it- I managed a couple more days of this blogging challenge! At this point, I’ve just completely given up on pretence – with some luck, I’ll manage to get the last couple of days out before Halloween, but if I shouldn’t – well, then that would just be completely normal for me 🙂
‘Till the next time!
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