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How To Survive: Oldest Sister Syndrome

So I’m an oldest sister. And at times that is the best thing in the world, but at times it’s the most horrible thing ever. Most of the time – it’s both of those together. Now, I’ve been doing this for over 20 years, so you know what? Here’s some tips on how to survive the oldest sister syndrome!

1. If you have younger sisters, your clothing isn’t just yours– it’s all of yours.

Yeah, so, you know how you love that one really pretty dress? Prepare to never see it again, because your younger sister is going to “borrow it”, spill something on it, and then you will never see it again.

Best case scenario, you’ll suddenly find it in your closet and then she’ll be mad you took it from her.

Just get over it, and buy a lock for your clothing closet. That’s at least one less venue for them to get to your clothes.

2. Your sense of responsibility is going to grow – exponentially.

No matter how much younger your siblings are, in some way or form you’re going to feel responsible for them.

You’re going to be the one “fighting” for all of your rights (be it your right to go out past 8, or to own a cell phone), and you’re going to be checking whether they really feel okay after you saw them trip from across the hall earlier that day.

They might be just 9 months younger than you, but the fact that you’re the oldest means that you care. By definition. Be ready for it.

3. They get everything first

You’ve spent days, weeks, months arguing with your parents about why it really would be a good thing if your allowance was raised, and two weeks later they get the same amount.
That’s hundreds of dollars they’ve taken from you retroactively. Or something like that.

Either way – it’s not fair and it’s going to keep on happening anyway.

If nothing else, your siblings will be grateful that you made life so much easier on them.

4. Somehow you will often feel like they’re more successful than you are

You might be the first of your year for AP mathematics, but nothing will ever compare to the fact that your youngest sister just learned how to make “knock knock”-jokes.

Or at least, that’s how it will seem.

I can guarantee, though, that your siblings will feel like nothing they ever do is really special, because you’ve done everything first. They’ll be royally pissed about it at times, so will you, but in the end you’ll realise that you all have your talents – and those are what make each of you special to your parents and friends.

5. You will be at each other’s throat.

In words, in actions, in thoughts. You will love your siblings to death and you’ll think they’re the worst thing to ever happen to you. In a way, they are both.

Mostly, though – they’re family. And once you don’t have to see each other every day anymore, you’ll realise that nothing will ever be able to replace the connection you have with your siblings.

And that’s when you’ll finally get over oldest sister syndrome.


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