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So I’m back with a bit of a fun post! I already did a “What’s on my Desk Tour” quite a while back and lately I was thinking: wouldn’t it be great to another, similar post? I’ve been seeing a couple of people on YouTube doing a “what’s on my phone”-tag, so I figured I might as well do a phone tour!

Basically: what’s on my phone, and why?

First things first: my current phone is the Huawei P9 Lite. I’d had some bad experiences with Samsung – and some good ones with Huawei – so when my latest phone crashed just before summer, I knew right away that I wanted another Huawei. The Huawei P9 Lite isn’t too expensive and spec-wise, it had everything I wanted. Namely: it had a lot of memory. I need all my apps!

Now of course, there’s a whole bunch of apps that come with any phone that you can’t get rid off. And basically – I just store those all in two separate folders – to be rid of them.

Why two folders, you may ask? Because the majority of those apps basically came on those two folders, and changing them all around is just entirely too much effort 🙂

Those I do find useful, however – those go in the folder ” nuttig” (useful). Think anything from a calculator to my calendar function – if I use it at least once a week, it’s in there!

Probably my favourite app in this list would have to be Wunderlist. Me and the bf have a running list of groceries and of movies we have to watch. And because you can share the lists, that means we’ve (largely) managed to avoid buying either two of everything, or none of something this year!

And of course, I can’t live without my handy Google Maps and flashlight – do you know how many times a week I need to use that last one?

Next up are the games. And yes, I have entirely too many of these – but what can I say, I gotta have something to do when my data have run out, right?

Also: I’m currently addicted to Best Fiends – darn all those YouTubers who were sponsoren by that game!

Of course, then there’s the obvious social media. Here, it’s basically just all the basics – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are definitely those I’m most active on myself. In the spirit of completely honesty, though, I have to confess that I probably spend the most time on Snapchat and Pinterest. There’s just so much to watch!

Fun fact: I actually need two tabs for this part because – even though I don’t regularly use the last couple of apps on my phone, well… The idea of not being available on them at all times makes me anxious…

Now, in here, of course, are my two mail accounts – I actually use a different mail for everything personal and for everything blog-related. That way, I know for sure when I get a mail what it’s for. Of course, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram speak for themselves. I’m really proud I’m not technically all that addicted to them, but I definitely could stand to spend way less time on there anyways. That goes for Snapchat as well, although I usually save that one for right when I’m waking up and just before I go to sleep. I basically just really love all those stories by, for example, BuzzFeed and Refinery29. They’re so entertaining! (Also, if you want to add me on any of those – definitely feel free to do so!)

Where people could probably make a case that I’m slightly addicted to those first 6 apps, the latter 7 are mainly on there because I might need them when I haven’t got my laptop on hand. In general, though, I do tend to keep to the non-app version of these. It’s just a lot easier to use 🙂

Next up are the apps I use for anything blogging related.

These can largely be divided into two categories: the actual blog-related apps, and then the photo-apps.

Now, again, it’s basically just all the basics. First off, I have just the direct link to my blog (for Android: open Chrome, go to your site and then press on the 3 vertical dots – press “Add to Homescreen” and you have a direct link ready!). Bloglovin is pretty much self explanatory, as is the WordPress-app. It’s really useful that now I can actually, easily edit my posts wherever I am, rather than having to wait until I’ve got my laptop (or even worse: do it in the Blogger app, as I used to have to do before I made the switch to WordPress). Buffer is my chosen app to schedule my tweets. Although you can only plan 10 tweets at a time, I find that actually helps me be more conscious of what tweets I post when 🙂

Next up is Google Drive, which I use if I take images (for example for Instagram) that I want to back up. Although I do have a Wattpad account, I mainly have this app on here because one of my best friends is writing an (amazing, I might add) story on there (if you speak Dutch: De Terugkeer!). And then everything else is basically to help me make my pictures look better. (mind how I said better, not good, ‘cuz I have little to no illusions over my photographic abilities – or lack thereof 🙂 )

Finally, you might have seen a little snowman on the first pic. That’s this app:

Now, this basically tells you two things. One, you now know exactly when I actually started writing this post. And two – well, you now know I wasn’t just exaggerating when I claimed to love Christmas.

You know, in case there was any doubt left 🙂

Anyways, that Christmas Countdown is the last app on my phone, and as such closes up this post! What are some of your must have-can’t miss apps? Be sure to let me know below!



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