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Weekly Lists #167: Valentine’s Books

It’s Valentine’s week and you know what that means! I’m reading all the romance. Whether they be stand-alones, series, adult or YA, or even an entire author’s work? Here are some of my absolute favourite Valentine’s books – also known as: this week’s TBR!

1. The classic: Persuasion (Jane Austen)

First of all, this is my favourite Jane Austen. Second, if you’re in the mood for a slow burn with a lot of history? This is the book for you. It features old lovers, renewed love, happy love, unhappy love, love altered… And of course: one of the best quotes ever written:

You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope

Ah… Good old Captain Wentworth…

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2. The culinary: The Little Brooklyn Bakery (Julie Caplin)

There’s something about Valentine’s – and about love in general, that matches very well with culinary bliss. I mean, what’s better than to share a glorious meal with someone you love? Or, having something blissful to snack on while watching a funny romantic movie? Add in a visit to a strange city and – of course – the New York skyline? And you definitely have yourself a hit!

Another rec for this category: The Little Paris Patisserie (my review), by the same author – really, Julie Caplin just has a way with words… And food!

3. The royal: The Royal We (Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan)

This entire book basically reads like fanfiction of Kate and William and it’s amazing. That’s really all I have to say about this, because – you know… Didn’t we all grow up with that “one day, I might be a princess”-ideal? (review)

Other possibilities in the “royal” category: The Crown Jewels-series. Imagine the movie The Prince and Me. But in book-form. And with a grandma that’s worthy of being compared to the likes of Betty White in The Proposal. (book 1book 2)

4. The retelling: Persuading Annie (Melissa Nathan)

Perhaps the only thing better than a classic romance? A classic romance retold. Melissa Nathan did that with Jane Austen’s Persuasion (this one) and Pride and Prejudice (Acting Up), but of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just Jane Austen – although I would very strongly recommend Amanda Grange’s version of Pride and Prejudice, told through Mr. Darcy’s eyes.

And then…. Well, just think of all the fairy tale retellings that you can choose from!  Cinderella especially has some great retellings, both classic (Ella Enchanted comes to mind) and modern day!

5. The snappy: What’s Love Got To Do With It (Anna Premoli)

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but every once in a while, I really enjoy a snappy romance.

Well, I guess that’s a lie. Just about always, I enjoy a snappy romance. You know the kind – where they talk even faster than they fall in love? Where the sarcasm and irony and humour are hard not to actually laugh along with? Where you kinda go: “oh, I feel like this is something that could have come from Gilmore Girls, because so far – that’s still my main reference point for snazzy conversation?”

Yeah, well, that’s exactly what Anna Premoli gives you in this book. And honestly? I’m here for it.

What does your TBR for this Valentine’s Day Week look like? Any books you recommend me? Any others that might fit into any of these categories?

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