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Favorite Fictional Christmases

So I already mentioned the fictional gifts. Because, obviously, everybody wants what they can’t have, including as a Christmas gift, right? Well, what do you know… I want entire Christmases. Or at least, I would love to¬†live these fictional Christmases!

1. Narnia

I don’t know about you, but that first Christmas after all those years of winter… That must’ve been one party, right?

2. Hogwarts

Please tell me you knew this was coming ūüôā I mean, my potterhead-ness should be pretty well-established by this point of blogmas, no? Anyways, I’m always torn between the Christmas from Philosopher’s Stone and the one from Goblet of Fire. That ball, those dresses, that party.

But then again – the first Christmas in all of Hogwarts’ glory is still something I long for. Not even exagerating: that moment I saw Hagrid pull the Christmas-tree up to Hogwarts? It felt like coming home. And of course, I got my first Harry Potter-book around Christmas, so there’s that.

3. The Polar Express

I saw that movie for the first time during my fourth year of high school’s Easter break. Why did we watch it then? No idea. I loved the entire movie, I seriously did. I actually¬†cried. And then this song came on and I just… I don’t even know how to put that feeling into words!

4. Little Women

“It just won’t be Christmas without any presents”. That phrase, for me, on it’s own,¬†rings Christmas.¬† Little Women, even in its abreviated children’s version is the first book I ever remember making me cry. The moment Beth¬†isn’t death (yeah, that version stopped where Good Wives begins)… It really shouldn’t surprise me that I still am a sucker for emotional scenes?

(Also, that first book goes from Christmas to Christmas – there’s a reason it’s such a Christmas-classic!)

5. Eloise

The Eloise-movies are something I feel like not enough people really enjoy. They’re brilliant, innocent, and especially Eloise at Christmas Time is just the perfect thing to watch now. It’s so much¬†fun that even the bf likes watching this one!

(Also: Julie Andrews. A nanny again. It’s as amazing as it sounds)

Ther’s so many other ones I could think of right now. There’s the entire Christmas from the Nutcracker, and every other Harry Potter holiday season. Then there’s¬†all the cheesy Christmas-movies, and of course every single one on any of my Christmas book-lists. I really can’t choose, so please don’t make me. But¬†do tell me what your favourite fictional Christmases are! If nothing else, it might give me some book- or movie-inspiration!