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Weekly Lists #188: Favourite Graphic Novels

One of those things that I like in principle, but don’t actually seem to act on that often? Graphic novels – they can be so fun to read! It’s just that it doesn’t really happen all that often that I find myself actually reaching for them. These examples, though? Well, they have proven themselves to be the exception to that rule – and what exceptions they are!

1. The Wicked and the Divine

I reviewed this entire series, but let me tell you: this is the series that kind of convinced me that just about any type of story could work as a graphic novel. It was amazing! (Goodreads)

2. The Kite Runner – Graphic Novel

I read this book for a school assignment in my final year of high school, and liked it. Reading it again as a graphic novel a couple of years later, just made me realise again just how much I loved that story. And the narrative style of the graphic novel somehow makes the point even more poignant? (Goodreads)

3. Murder on the Orient Express

I really love Agatha Christie’s detective stories. As in, always have, they’re the thing that originally got me into detective stories to begin with. So when I figured out that some of her work had been translated into graphic novels? I just knew I had to read it – so far, Murder on the Orient Express has been the only one I got to read. But, honestly? It was everything I could’ve hoped for! (Goodreads)

4. Gender Queer – A Memoir

This was the first “real life” story I read in the form of a graphic novel, and it made me realise something. Namely, that sometimes, one picture really does say more than one thousand words, especially when you’re trying to get across experiences. And that was really executed beautifully in this memoir. (Goodreads)

5. ‘t Schildertje

This is the first graphic novel I can actively remember reading. And I had to read it for a course on cross-media literature, but somehow? That didn’t mean I didn’t like it. (Which, if you know me at all? Is kind of a big deal. In general – if I have to read it? I’m not going to like it.) Either way, this is a kind of sad, but also kind of amazing story. And I have it to thank for my original falling in love with graphic novels! (Goodreads)

Here’s the thing: these are my favourite graphic novels – but they are also some of the only graphic novels I ever read. So I need your recommendations. What graphic novels should I read next? Be sure to leave me your recs down below!


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