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Weekly Lists #109: Fictional dream-careers

So here’s the thing about reading all the books. And also, about starting to work this fall.  Suddenly, you realise how many jobs there really are out there.  And how many of them you might want to do. So naturally, when I saw this prompt on Top 5 Wednesday? I just knew I had to blog about this. Come on, just think of all the fictional dream-careers!

1. Professor at Hogwarts

Because it’s me, and that’s Harry Potter. Everybody else I see doing something like this, seems to go for Magical Care but, well… I really would like to teach History of Magic. I mean, this is Magic histori we’re talking about. Can you even imagine how interesting a course that must be? And how much fun you could have with this, using magic, or even just like that?

2. Doctor’s Companion

Sure, the mortality rate and just general post-traumatic stress-rate for Doctor Who’s companions is rather on the high side for my liking. But I mean, just imagine all the places you could go to, all the things you could live through! There’ll be adventures, history, knowledge, crazy things and places, and it could just be fantastic.

3. Pippi Longstocking’s teacher

Or a teacher from the Bullersby children. Or in Noisy Village. Basically, as long as it’s in one of Astrid Lindgren’s books. I’m pretty sure these books are what helped me come to the conclusion that becoming a teacher was definitely the way to go for me. And would you look at that? 15 years later, I actually am!

4. Any function at Marks & Co. (84, Charing Cross Road)

It’s maybe one of the coolest book shops I’ve ever read about. And its workers don’t seem too shabby, either. I mean, to invest that much in a correspondence with some random woman from the US? You’ve got to be pretty cool for that. Even from what you can read through the letters that are shared in this book. This really just seems like a pretty awesome place to work at.

5. Teacher at St. Clare’s or at Malory Towers

To this day, I kind of wish I had gotten my French courses from Madame Abominable.  Or either one from the French teachers in Malory Towers. Not to mention the maths teacher – she is awesome. Also, has it caught your attention that teaching was always a profession that really drew me in? If not, now you know.

So yeah, basically? All fictional jobs have to be either history, books, or teaching related. There’s worse you could do in life, right?

If you’ve done this post as well, be sure to let me know below! And if you know of any other cool fictional jobs I could dream about? Shoot me a comment!