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Book Tags #13: Greek Mythology Style (Part 2)

So yesterday I did the first one of this tag – or Book Survey – and today it’s time for the second part. Again: more appreciation is needed for Percy Jackson, and today it’s part to get to the questions that are based on the characters in this Book Survey, Greek Mythology Style!!

Heroes of Olympus

Percy Jackson: a brave, spirited natural leader with a sarcastic sense of humor, and a will to save friends and enemies alike

Favourite protagonist

I feel like no one every mentions him, but you know what? Harry Potter. There, I said it 🙂

Annabeth Chase: intellectual genius with a strong mind, brave heart, and a love for architecture

Series / book with the cleverest plot

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. This book is genious, and the concept is awesome 🙂

Jason Grace: has a moderate sense of humor, but a strong sense of honour, justice and compassion, often described as perfect

Book with an epic finale

Am I falling into repetition yet? Every Harry Potter, every Narnia, every Percy Jackson, basically any of those kind of books.

Piper McLean: aggressive and persuasive but down to earth, caring and loving towards Jason, her friends and family

Book with a tempting synopsis (one you haven’t read!)

Just about any of the Jane Austen retellings in my TBR, basically. And unfortunately, I seem to be unable to get to reading any of them!

Leo Valdez: good-natured and energetic, funny but intelligent, honest and witty, and is skilled with machines

Book that made you laugh

Most recently, Her Best Match – I found myself actually laughing uncontrollably throughout almost that entire book, and that’s not really something that happens a lot 🙂

Hazel Levesque: bright and outgoing despite an unfortunate childhood, is mature for her age and has a love for horseback riding

Favourite character with a tragic past

Well, for one – Hazel Levesque. Other than that I’m having some trouble thinking of anyone right now.

Best character, might be Severus Snape, but I don’t actually like him at all (he’s a good character, but not a good person!)

Frank Zhang: somewhat shy, cynical, and clumsy, though he possesses a strong sense of duty, loyalty and love

Book you loved more than you thought you would

All of the Jill Mansell and Cathy Kelly books, they were my introduction into the romance-chicklit genre and I honestly love that genre because of them!

Nico di Angelo: grim, solitary, powerful and mysterious, highly unpredictable and selectively affectionate

Most mysterious character you’ve ever encountered

Albus Dumbledore. Not in a good way in any way or form (how much did he actually know? Suspect? Starting from when?) But still… Mysterious sounds about right 🙂

Grover Underwood: cheerful, upbeat and protective satyr who chews on furniture when he gets nervous

Book you won’t read due to warnings against them

This is so difficult to say, because if I get the kind of warnings against them that I won’t read them, I also delete them from my TBR. So, you know, any book that was – at one point – on my TBR, but isn’t any longer?

Clarisse La Rue: arrogant and hot-tempered, but brave, strong, and protective of camp

Most annoying character

Rita Skeeter Mr. Collins. Daisy from the Great Gatsby. I could probably go on, but, you know, that’s probably not a good idea either way.

So there you have it, that’s even the second part of the Book Survey, Greek Mythology Style! As I already said yesterday: if you also did this one, be sure to let me know below what your replies were! And feel free to consider yourself tagged if you haven’t yet!