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Weekly Lists #128: Ideal Book Mash-Ups

This one’s thanks to Top 5 Wednesday – I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve last used one of their prompts, but this one? Well, it just spoke to me. I mean, one of the things that attracted me most about reading fanfiction? Getting to see some book mash-ups. And although I’ve definitely grown out of my Harry Potter-Twilight-crossover stage by now? There’s definitely still some mash-ups I’d like to read!

1. Harry Potter / Pride and Prejudice

I mean, let’s face it – Draco’s basically a more bigoted Darcy as is. So to see him re-arranging his world view even further (because this would be post-war, obviously)? Maybe even for Astoria? I mean, we don’t really know how those two happened, now, do we?

2. Chrestomanci / Percy Jackson and the Olympians

This is basically based on one of the short stories from the Chrestomanci-series. In that story, there is one alternate world where gods are not only real, but generally excepted to be so as well. Their structure actually reminded me an awful lot of the way the Olympians were portrayed in Percy Jackson. And what’s more, one of the gods had to send his child to another world because it was prophecied to undo the gods. Also, I just want to see Chrestomanci’s reaction to the way the gods are behaving in Percy Jackson, basically 🙂

3. Good Omens / The Screwtape Letters

Both of these books have a religious aspect to them, both of them are both heavy on the sarcasm, yet the overall tone is completely different. Either way, I really love that sort of “serious” yet “doesn’t take itself too serious” book, and the way these two incorporated elements from anything from the bible to other literature had me laughing out loud a lot – Good Omens – and in serious thought – The Screwtape Letters. Something that manages to both of those things? Heck yeah, I’d read that!

4. The Chronicles of Narnia / His Dark Materials

Again, two books that dabble quite heavily into discussions on religion. Both fantasy-works, as well. But I’ve always felt that the world from His Dark Materials could quite easily have fit into Narnia. As it could  with Chrestomanci, actually, but that one doesn’t have that much of an allegorical feel to it. The Chronicles of Narnia and His Dark Materials, though? Could be awesome. Can you just imagine Lyra and Lucy meeting?

5. The Dalemark Quartet / Stravaganza

These series both feature people seemingly going back into their own countries’ past, yet not really their countries. They both end up saving it, multiple times, albeit in completely different ways. And of course – there’s that aspect where Stravaganza is focused more on “real countries” – England and Italy, whereas Dalemark – well, that could be anywhere. I just really like the atmosphere of both of these series, so something that’s a mash-up of those two? It would almost have to be amazing!

So, there you have it! That’s 5 of my ideal book mash-ups. The main conclusion seems to be that I really like fantasy, romance, and things that are intertextual. So, you know, there’s that. What would your perfect book mash-up be? Be sure to let me know below!