About Books #138: Match Me If You Can

The idea of matchmakers has always fascinated me. Blame Mulan if you need, because I’m fairly sure that’s where it originated. So when I got the opportunity to read Match Me If You Can, you just know I was curious to see what this book would bring!

I was offered an ARC by Book Sirens in exchange for a review. All opinions are strictly my own.

The story

Poppy Dean lives and breathes romance – in her job at least. As a matchmaker at an elite London agency, she spends her days finding the perfect Mr Right for pretty much everybody but herself.

When Tristan Fellows walks into the agency, Poppy knows she’s in for a challenge. A typical bachelor, Tristan has no intention of falling in love, but in order to receive his 30-million-pound inheritance, he must find himself a wife before his 35th birthday.

This may be Poppy’s hardest case yet, but even the most arrogant of men can sometimes warm a woman’s heart. And who knows, maybe it’s finally time for Poppy to find her happy ever after too?

From the sunny skies of Greece, to the trendy streets of London, to the romantic hills of Scotland, Match Me If You Can is a laugh out loud enemies-to-lovers romance, guaranteed to make you believe in love again!

The opinion

Here’s the thing: Poppy does a lot of things that were, at the very least, a bit questionable. For someone who prides herself on her professionalism, she sure doesn’t act all that… professional, a lot of the time. That being said, I was willing to suspend my disbelief – if only because I wanted to see where this story would go!

And one of the main places it went, turned out to be an amazing cast of side characters. Don’t get me wrong – I really liked Tristan, the male lead. But the entirety of Match Me If You Can is filled with people I want to know more about. Whether that be more insight into the love story of Ravi, Tristan’s best friend, and Jacinda. Or to (hopefully) see more of the long-term happiness of Shaz, Poppy’s fellow Australian.

Because that’s one thing the author does really well: she writes really entertaining characters. Even the ones I disliked, I enjoyed (well, mostly, let’s say) reading about. And if this book left me with a sudden yearning to go back to Greece or Edinburgh Well, that sounds like a me-problem, doesn’t it?

The rating: 3/5

All in all, Match Me If You Can was a really fun, quick read. Apparently, there’s more books coming out in this serieus, so that’s something to look forward to… Perfect for a day off, or just for a cosy evening in! (Goodreads)


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