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Christmas Movie Favourites

Everyone has them, right? Those Christmas movie favourites that you don’t even need to rewatch… Just, because, you love them so much you can basically close your eyes and you see them play – just like that…

The Holiday

This might be the best Christmas movie made in the last 20 years and I’m sticking to that.

The Christmas Chronicles

This is the movie that convinced me Netflix could do things right as well, when it came to Christmas movies. So far? It’s also still the only movie it made that convinced me of that.

Last Holiday

There’s not a lot of movies that I’ll watch, no matter what part of it I catch on the television. This one though? Absolutely.


First of all, this movie taught me a new word. Which is, you know – a sure fire way to make a language-geek like me like, well, anything really. Second of all. It’s so. Freaking. Cute. That’s all, really?

If you had to make a list of your Christmas movie favourites, which ones would you put on there? Any that I mentioned as well? Be sure to let me know below!ยต


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