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A Bookworm’s Gift Guide

If you were to ask me what’s better, receiving or handing out gifts, the choice would be simple. I mean, what’s more fun than trying to find that perfect gift for someone? Of course, it’s always that little bit easier if the person you’re gifting to has a particular hobby that you can play into. And, you know, considering the main subject, I just had to do a bookworm’s gift guide!

The cosy

Nothing’s quite as fun as being all cosy and settling down with a good book. However, apart from a book, that does require some other elements. Some literary candles, for example.

Welcome to Hogwarts-Candle by The Melting Library
Harry Potter Inspired-Luxury Box – why not gift your friends a subscription box?

Of course, candles can only go so far, especially if it’s a bit nippy outside, as it has been here lately. In that case, you can go either one of two ways – go for tea

Peter Rabbit-tea – how cute can NovelTea get?

… or sweaters

I own one of BookWormBoutique’s sweaters and I’ve worn it for actual years – I love it, and it’s still in just about perfect condition!

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The useful

Maybe, though, you don’t want aid in the reading addiction, but you do want to gift something that refers to it. Again, your options are virtually endless.

For example, what about the bookworm’s equivalent to a world scratsch map, to help inspire them for their next read?

That’s 100 times inspiration for their next read!

How about something that’s actually practical? Like a bookish mug? Or a pillow?

I mean, I know I could use this pillow cover, just to throw it at people that interrupt me while reading…

Or a tote bag that helps your favourite reader explain their bad mood?

If nothing else, this tote might warn you to keep your distance as need be!

And of course, what’s more annoying than getting a cramp in your hand from having to hold a heavy book for three hours… So why not give them a reading support?

This useful pillow not only serves as a support for you, but for your book as well!

The cute

And of course, there’s the third option – that you just want to gift something which they will be able to enjoy each day.

Maybe some cute jewellery?

When in doubt, go to the library – or, in this case: go to Etsy!
I personally love this necklace – it’s just the right combination of elegant and cute!

Or a brooch… (do brooches technically count as jewellery? Or not? I honestly don’t even know :s)

And this particular brooch is Alice in Wonderland-themed as well!

Honestly, the possibilities are practically endless… What would be on your local bookworm’s gift guide? Or are you the local bookworm? Did you get any inspiration from this post? If so, be sure to let me know below!


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