2017 Reading Challenges: November Update

So apparently November is already gone-ish? I mean, there’s like a week left, but what with Blog-mas starting next week (aah, I’m making myself going through that again) Anyways, some reading was done this last month. Mainly re-reads of manuals, but still. They count for my Goodreads-challenge, so they count 🙂 Here’s my 2017 Reading Challenges November Update!

Books Read

  1. Business Benchmark Upper Intermediate Business Vantage Student – Guy Brook-Hart (twice)
  2. Sunrise at Butterfly Cove – Sarah Bennett
  3. Wedding Bells at Butterfly Cove – Sarah Bennett
  4. Christmas at Butterfly Cove – Sarah Bennett (my review)
  5. Madieke van het Rode Huis – Astrid Lindgren
  6. Feest in Villa Kakelbont  – Astrid Lindgren

I mean – it’s not a lot, but it is what it is, you know? I’ve said it before, but I’ll definitely say it again: work is drowning me. And I’m just happy to get any reading done. Even if it is a re-read of a manual (twice)!

About those books

Okay, fine, there’s just a little bit more than that manual. But hey, December has two other manuals being re-read coming up! And probably this one again, just for good measure! (Also, because I have to make an exam based off this manual. There’s that)

What else have I been doing apart from school, school, and more school? Reading books to review them (which, by the way: VERY pleasant experience – I completely fell in love with the world of Butterfly Cove). And then, of course, there’s the classics for this time of year.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it like a gazillion times before. And most likely, it’ll come up again this coming blog-mas. But, yeah. Astrid Lindgren? Total escapism-reading. Perfect for this past month, in other words!

What have you been reading this past months? Have you got any tips on books to read when life doesn’t really want to let you read? Any books you’ve been postponing and want to share with me? Be sure to let me know below!

(And if you want to read more about my reading challenges from this year: go check out the page and the tag!)