2017 Reading Challenges: October Update

This month, I officially decided to give up on the Reading Challenge. My reasons in doing so are twofold. I was reading enough books, but they never seemed to match the prompt. And also… It just never stopped. That leaves me with a slightly (much) shorter list of things to go through for this Reading Challenges October Update. So let’s just dive right into it!

1. Goodreads Reading Challenge

It’s always a good month when all the books I read count for my Goodreads Reading Challenge. And guess what? October was a good month:

  1. Buisness Benchmark Upper Intermediate Business Vantage Student’s Book, Guy Brook-Hart
  2. Hope at Christmas, Nancy Naigle
  3. Poirot quitte la scène, Agatha Christie
  4. Christmas at the Dancing Duck, Daisy James
  5. A Vicarage Christmas, Kate Hewitt
  6. Mouthful of Forevers, Clementine von Radics
  7. Harlekijntje op reis, Josephine Siebe
  8. Harlekijntje op Kasteel Hemelhoog, Josephine Siebe
  9. Harlekijntje in de stad, Josephine Siebe
  10. Harlekijntje in Zwitserland, Josephine Siebe
  11. Harlekijntje op het Jan Klaasseneiland, Josephine Siebe
  12. The Little Village Christmas, Sue Moorcroft

Reading Challenges

Well, as I already said: I gave up on the Challies-challenge. And I (officially) gave up on the 50 states of YA as well – quite frankly, I just really don’t like reading YA that much anymore? At least not some of the ones that were on there? Apparently tastes really do change 🙂

As for what I did read, then… Well, I’m still somewhat on track for the Goodreads challenge. It’s going in hops of being behind on and ahead of tracks, right now. But, you know. All things considered? Pretty happy with that one. PopSugar and Modern Mrs Darcy are both so very nearly there. Of course, those left are the exact ones that I was always going to have the most trouble actually getting done. We’ll see how that goes, but for now? I’m just happy to get any reading done, you know…

If you want to see exactly which books I read for which prompts, be sure to go check out the 2017 Reading Challenges page! Also, be sure to let me know below what you’ve been reading this month. Did you set yourself any challenges this year? How are you keeping up on them?