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Weekly Lists #107: 5 Favorite blogposts October

So we’re in the last two months of the year now. *gulp* Anybody else just a little bit… Feeling left behind? By time, that is? No, just me? Great. Anyways, I feel like I didn’t really get the chance to read enough, this last month. Not enough in general – but certainly nog enough blogs. I’m sure you can imagine that made compiling this list rather… interesting. None the less, here’s my 5 favorite blogposts of October. And hey, look at it from the bright side: this week, when I say 5? I actually mean 5!

1. How comparison steals your joy

Because, let’s be real – don’t we all let comparison steal our joy? Even if just from time to time?

2. When your reader is broken

What To Do When Your Reader Is Broken

I’m pretty sure I mentioned this somewhere last month as well, but basically… I was on the verge of a reading slump these past couple of weeks. I treated myself to some (really) old favourites as soon as possible – you know, get over that stuff stat. But yah, sometimes it’s just difficult to keep on being enthusiastic for reading. Especially when that takes away from what little (or, in my case, recently: very little to almost non-existent) time with family and friends.

3. A perfect fall night

Because, quite frankly? I need one of these pretty darn soon.

4. Scheduling a season of rest

How to Schedule a Season of Rest So You Don’t Lose Your Mind

Aaand I just realised there’s a team to this month’s favourite blogposts. And also, it’s probably really clear I just started working right? Anyways. This, yes. I need this too :p

5. Those awkward years…

The Most Awkward Years of My Life: My 20s

Turns out I’m living them.

(I know that usually I try to avoid having to posts by the same person, but, well… Blair from Blair blogs was just writing really amazing posts these past couple of years. Also, I could agree with just about everything in this post, so there’s that.)

And there you have it, that’s 5 of my favourite blogposts of October! What posts have you been reading and loving? Be sure to let me know below!