2017 Reading Challenges: September Update

So the entirety of September is a blur to me. And I don’t mean that as in “I don’t remember any of it.” I mean it as in: what on earth even was that? (you can add a couple of exclamation marks to that one, if you so please. As a natural consequence? I didn’t really read all that much this last month. But I have a good reason, I promise! Here’s my 2017 Reading Challenges September update 🙂

What I read

Now, you know how I told you I didn’t really read all that much this month? I wasn’t overreacting. Up to last weekend, I’d read all of 2 books. Two. Now, I’m sincerely hoping that’s not a hint of what more’s to come, because, well, just… No. But hey, I got like 4 more books in since then… So at least there’s that?:)

  • When Dimple Met Rishi, Sandhya Menon
  • The Royal Treatment, M.J. Summers (my review)
  • Life Advanced – Split Edition A, Paul Dummett
  • Grammaire Essentielle Du Français Niveau B1, Yves Loiseau
  • The Royal Engagement, M.J. Summers
  • The Royal Wedding, M.J. Summers

And what’s more: all of these counted for my Goodreads Challenge!

What I thought

When Dimple Met Rishi is one of those books that I read because I saw so much about it on Twitter. And I have to admit: it really was the fluffy, fun, quick read I was promised. The same can actually be said for M.J. Summers’ Crown Jewels Romance-series. I mean, you know…. The second book was basically just 10 pages or something. How much quicker than that can it get? :p

And then, of course, there’s the manuals. I feel like every year in September and October, those are some major parts of my reading. Mainly because I like to get that bit of studying out of the way. This year, however, there’s a slight change. Mainly because, well… This year I’ll be teaching these manuals! More on that in this Sunday’s 52 Goals Update, but suffice it to say: I can now officially call myself a teacher 😀

With that, however, ends the good news show. I have finally reached the point where I am almost lagging behind on my reading challenges. According to Goodreads, I’m still two ahead on schedule for that one. However, I know that December is always my worst reading month, so I really do need to get some extra reading done before then.

And of course, there’s all the other reading challenges. I’ve been promising myself (and you lot :p ) for months that I was going to start focussing on those more. At this point, I’m of half a mind to just let them be for the time being. After all, what does it really matter as long as I’m still reading? (Let’s see how long I can keep my spirits up with that logic, shall we?)

Anyways, there you have it! That’s my reading (challenges) for the month of September! What have you been reading this last month? Any recommendations for me? You know I can always use them 🙂 Be sure to let me know below!