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52 Goals September Update

This is the point where I can hit “pause”, right? To catch a breather? (I know I’m a cliché by now, what with all the “time goes by so quickly” and “where has the year gone”. But seriously. What happened to this past year?) Here’s my 52 goals September update!

1. Personal

If anybody felt like telling me, at the beginning of this year, that 52 goals is just too many? Don’t worry. I’ve figured it out myself. In the larger picture, I’m sure I’m not doing too badly. Right now, however? These past months are just a blur of looking for a job, moving, trying to figure my life out… and stress. A lot of stress.

As noble as my goals might have been, at the beginning of this year? Taking one night off of school or work every week has happened about 3 times in this entire year. Don’t even get me started on the whole “be happy with what I’ve got thing”. Apparently that takes time, which I don’t really currently have.

(Can you tell I’m just a tad tired)

2. Books

I know I also mentioned this in my reading challenges update, but reading seems to have taken a nice little back seat, these last couple of weeks. It’s not that I don’t enjoy reading anymore – cuz I do. I just don’t really seem to have the mental energy left to actually get to it.

(Which, obviously, sucks. Because reading is like my n°1 escapism method. But oh well)

At least I’m still on track for my Goodreads Reading Challenge? (Although I honestly don’t know how that actually happened) And I’m well over 100 books by now, so yay for that!

(That’s honestly all I want to say on the subject right now, because, quite frankly? It’s kinda depressing.)

3. School / work

Oh, that’s right, I have an update on this one. I’ve got a job.

I’m currently slightly too busy trying to actually survive the business of “I have to start tomorrow and I still don’t know my actual schedule, or the groups I’ll have to be teaching, or anything really.”

My friends who are also in teaching, told me that the first couple of weeks is just a matter of trying to survive as everything gets settled. Apparently I’ve managed to get to that mental stage before I’ve even actually started the job. So that’s fun.

I also did some freelancing as a journalist and although it almost did me in, last week (I was doing 9 hours a day and then another 5 or 6 trying to prepare for this coming week’s work all the while having to travel for a couple of hours and getting up really early. I was dead on my feet, by the end of that ride.

4. Blog

I mean, the blog is still going, right? Let’s keep it at that, for now 🙂

And there you have it, that’s my 52 goals September update. If it feels kind of scatter brained, that’s probably because I currently am kind of scatter brained. And when I say kind of, I mean immensly. This stage of starting work is going to stop at some point, right? Right?


52 Goals