2018 Reading Updates: February Update

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a month in possession of Valentine, must be in need of a romantic readathon. And that readathon, in this case, kind of ended up resulting in me reading quite a bit… My 2018 reading updates February update!

What I read

  1. Sweet On You, Kate Perry
  2. Mad About You, Kate Perry
  3. Tamed by You, Kate Perry
  4. Business Benchmark – Upper Intermediate
  5. Business Benchmark – Advanced
  6. Thematische woordenschat Frans
  7. Queen Victoria’s Children, Jon Van Der Kiste (review)
  8. How Sweet It Is, Kate Perry
  9. Give a Little, Kate Perry
  10. Once Upon a Dream, Kate Perry
  11. The Royal We, Heather Cocks (review)
  12. Girl Hearts Girl, Lucy Sutcliff
  13. The Little Mermaid
  14. Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen
  15. No Hurry At All, Robst
  16. Winter at the Dog & Duck, Jill Steeple (review)

Let’s be real, a large majority of this is thanks to the #inloveathon. If that hadn’t happened, I probably wouldn’t have been anywhere near this number. That being said, however, I have now reached 29 books in just the first two months, and it’s kind of giving me hope, you know? If I go on at this rate, I might just smash my previous record!

(Realistically? It won’t go on like this. Which is why I’m absolutely taking full advantage of this!)

What I thought

I actually don’t often have books I really don’t enjoy, but this month’s conclusio, Winter at the Dog & Duck, was definitely of this particular brand. I am going to finish the series so I’m sure you’ll see another review coming up on at least the conclusion pretty soon, but, well… For now? There was just something missing from this book.

As far as everything else goes, though? I’ve been pretty pleasantly surprised! While reading about history for fun is not for everyone (case in point: the bf does not get it at all) I do think Queen Victoria’s Children was pretty darn amazing within its genre. Of coursse, I was not disappointed by Kate Perry – at this point she is firmly taking up her spot near my favourite chicklit authors!

Maybe my two favourite reads for this entire month were for the #inloveathon. Sense and Sensibility was a revelation . As I said in my readathon TBR, it had been entirely too long since I’d last read it. And then there was The Royal We. Which, as I’m sure you could gatter from my review? I was not disappointed by!

Anyways, for next month? I’m hoping to read more happy books – so that would probably include some more chicklit. Do more of what you love, right? And of course now I really want to read some more Jane Austen. I mean, it’s been ages since I got to Pride and Prejudice or Persuasion! Finally, I would like to get some more non-fiction in. I’ve really liked my decision to read for knowledge a bit more this year, so I’ll try and continue that. Maybe something about negotiating…

Be sure to let me know below what you’ve been reading lately! And if you have any recommendations? Per the usual: be sure to leave them for me in the comments!