2018 Reading Updates: July Update

Mental note to self: the fastest way to get “quite a lot” of reading done? Go on a holiday. I think I was reading about a book a day during the first couple of days? And then, of course… There’s comics. Those help as well. “quite a lot”

What I read

  1. Waker, Maud Van Der Veen (review)
  2. De Jacht op een Voetbal, Jef Nys
  3. De Zingende Aap, Jef Nys
  4. Paradijseiland, Jef Nys
  5. De Gouden Jaguar, Jef Nys
  6. Wie Zoekt Die Vindt, Jef Nys
  7. De Zingende Oorbellen, Jef Nys
  8. Het Kristallen Eendje, Jef Nys
  9. Tita Telajora, Jef Nys
  10. De Vruchtenmakers, Jef Nys
  11. De Hoed van Napoleon, Jef Nys
  12. De Kristallen Grot, Jef Nys
  13. Prinses Pott, Jef Nys
  14. De Plank van Jan Haring, Jef Nys
  15. De Stad in de Vulkaan, Jef Nys
  16. De Whiskymaker, Jef Nys
  17. The Little Brooklyn Bakery, Julie Caplin (review)
  18. The Lucky Dress, Aimee Brown
  19. Happily Never After, Emma Robinson (review)
  20. Come For Me Darling, Alexis Anne (review)
  21. A Dad of His Own, Minna Howard
  22. The Year That Changed Everything, Cathy Kelly
  23. On the Other Side, Carrie Hope Fletcher
  24. Holding Up The Universe, Jennifer Niven
  25. Mr. Darcy’s Diary, Amanda Grange
  26. Het Engeland van Jane Austen, Karin Quint
  27. A New Life For Cathrine Bennet, readergirl4985

Now, mind you – number 2 up to and including number 16 are all (short) comics. I don’t know if any of you have ever heard of “Jommeke”, but he’s this Flemish kid who has the craziest adventures, is friends with an absolutely wacko professor with an amazing mustache… It’s basically just nostalgic reading, but man was it amazing to go through those comics again!

What I thought

For brevity’s sake, I’m not going to focus on the comics for this one. Basically, that would only be relevant to you if you read Dutch, and also… You know, if you do read Dutch? You would probably know them already.

No less than 5 of the books on my list for this month are ARC’s – I know, what even is my life? Together with Waker (which was my first read of the month – and what a read at that!) that left me with a review a week! Yay for my reviewing-goals for this year!

What’s even better – I got no less than two 5-star reads in this month. And a bunch of 4-star reads! Honestly, this month was just a good one, reading-wise. On The Other Side was definitely a slow start for me, I first opened it back in May or June. On this holiday, though, I sat myself down with it and just completely fell in love with the story. More on that is, undoubtedly, coming soon, so I’ll just leave it at that for now… The other book I absolutely loved, is Holding Up The Universe. I’ve had this book on my TBR for what feels like ages, and often times, that means the book will kind of let you down when you get round to reading it. Not this one though. Honestly? It was amazing.

Finally, there was the latest Cathy Kelly – and she delivered, as always – as well as The Little Brooklyn Bakery, which surprised me so positively, and then – of course – Mr. Darcy’s Diaries. Another book that had been on my TBR for entirely too long and which has left me reading Pride and Prejudice-fanfiction, so, you know… There’s that.

Anyways – what have you been reading this past month? Any books that stand out in particular? Be sure to let me know below!