2018 Reading Updates: September Update

So… Apparently September is “Christmas books”-month? Or at least, that’s what NetGalley would have me believe. Also, I read a lot this month and I have no idea how I did it? Which, you know, is a common thread throughout some of these updates. But still – this month was kind of crazy. Honestly.

What I read

  1. Harry Potter en de Geheime Kamer, J.K. Rowling
  2. Harry Potter en de Gevangene. van Azkaban, J.K. Rowling
  3. Harry Potter en de Vuurbeker, J.K. Rowling
  4. Nederlands, Mondelinge en Schriftelijke taalvaardigheid
  5. Tekstvaardig – Sofia
  6. Grammaire Essentielle du français niveau B1
  7. The Secrets of the Wild Wood, Tonke Dragt
  8. Tiny in de Bergen, Marcel Marier
  9. [Dis]Connected: Poems and Stories of Connection and Otherwise, Amanda Lovelace a.o. (review)
  10. Business Benchmark – Upper Intermediate
  11. A Christmas Gift, Sue Moorcroft
  12. What’s Love Got To Do WIth It, Anna Premoli
  13. The Man You Meet in Heaven, Debbie Viggiano (review)
  14. The Little Bookcafé Tash’s Story, Georgia Hill (review)
  15. The Little Bookcafé Emma’s Story, Georgia Hill (review)
  16. How to Bake a New Beginning, Lucy Knott
  17. Snowflakes over Holly Cove, Lucy Coleman
  18. Lock, Stock, & Jingle Bells, Donna Kauffman
  19. Business Benchmark – Upper Intermediate
  20. A Miracle on Hope Street, Emma Heatherington
  21. Unleashed, Donna Kauffman
  22. Naughty But Nice, Donna Kauffman

What I thought

Well, first of all, I think I am now very much ready for Christmas and Winter and colder temperatures.

Second: this list consists of about as much ARC’s as it consists of books that I already owned. Let me just put it this way: you have a lot of holiday-y bookreviews to look forward to, this coming blog-mas!

Also, this month I completed my Goodreads Readding Challenge! In September! LIke, what??

And finally, because, yes, this update is going to be rather short: I remember again why I started to love reading. It’s always been my escape from anything in life getting too much, and my job has absolutely been exactly that these last couple of weeks. It’s not much (or anything!) of an exaggeration to say I’m struggling at least a bit, and books are basically one of the three reasons I’m still standing. Somewhat. Either way – I expect more reading of fluffy, fun books to come. I don’t have the mental space for much right now. And, honestly? I need books if I’m going to survive these next couple of weeks. So how’s that for a reading update? 🙂

Anyways – what have you been reading this past month? Did you make any reading goals for yourself this year? Maybe even this month? If so, how are you doing on them? Be sure to let me know below!