2019 Reading Updates – Final Round Up

What a year it’s been! I’ll write a full recap of the year on the actual, last day of the year. For now, though, here’s my 2019 reading updates final round up!

What I read

In total, I read 209 books, as well as about 60 fanfictions – the longest of which was the equivalent of about 1050 pages! (It’s called The Commoner’s Guide to Bedding a Royal, and it’s absolutely amazing and you should definitely check it out!)

Some statistics

Out of those 209 (actual, recognised by Goodreads), 179 (86%) were fiction, 3 were graphic novels, 25 non-fiction, and 2 were poetry, respectively 1%, 12% en 1%.

Out of a total of 122 different authors, 91 were female, 29 were male, and 2 identified as neither male nor female.

Something else that struck me is, how there’s a certain pattern in my reading through the years – for example: every year? My reading in December is relatively way lower than the other months. And any time I’m having a lesser time, mentally, the reading goes way up as well – see this year’s October… But more on that in next week’s post!

Anyways, that’s it for my 2019 reading updates final update! How has your reading been going this past year? Any highlights or lesser months? Be sure to let me know below!