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My 2019 Summer TBR

The fun thing about writing my summer TBR: every single time I’m doing it? I’m bend double with exam stress. You know – the perfect circumstances for some procrastination. And some summer reading dreaming!


This category usually is focused mainly on me making sure I have options. Cuz we wouldn’t want me not to have any choices, when choosing which non-fiction not to read, right?

1. The Romanovs

I know. I’ve mentioned this one in probably the last 3 editions of my seasonal TBR’s. But no longer. This is the season I actually read it. Hopefully :p (Goodreads)

2. Princesses: the Six Daughters of George II

I’m basically just in the mood to read all about the English royalty – and let me warn you: the rest of this list will definitely bring that point home :p (Goodreads)

3. Sex with the Queen: 900 Years of Vile Kings, Virile Lovers, and Passionate Politics

As I said… English royalty. Or just royalty in general. Why not, right? (Goodreads)

Serial Fiction

I’ve had a couple of series I’ve been meaning to read for a good while now, so my goal for this summer is to – hopefully – get through at least one of them. A girl can hope, right?

1. Dalemark

Sure, this would technically be a re-read, but this is one of my favourite ever fantasy-series. So, you know – I have to give it another read every once in a while, right? (Goodreads)

2. Percy Jackson

What do you call a series which you read most books of, but then you stopped and now you really need to get the last books read as well, so you just have to get through the entire series again? Anyway. Whatever that’s called? That’s what I have in mind for the Percy Jackson-series! (Goodreads)

3. The Heroes of Olympus

Because, for some reason, I didn’t read the last book in the Percy Jackson-series. But I did read the first (maybe 2? I can’t really remember) book in this series. So obviously I have to reread both series, one after the other. Naturally. (Goodreads)

4. Charlotte Holmes

I first mentioned wanting to read this book in January 2016. That’s over 3 years ago. And to my utter disgrace? I still haven’t read any of the books. Which must change – urgently. And what better moment than this summer to do so? (Goodreads)

Fun Fiction

Also known as: fluff and fun things to read that will just completely get my mind off… Everything, really? Oh – and that will help me make my way through my physical summer TBR. Hopefully 🙂

1. All That She Can See

I’d had Carrie Hope Fletcher’s first book for over a year when I took it with me on holiday last year… And read the entire thing in a day. I’ve had this book since finishing that first one, basically. And apparently, I’m saving it for another summer holiday! (Goodreads)

2. My Sister’s Wedding

Literally the only thing I remembered about this book before writing this post, was that I bought in the English Shop near Brussels. Past time I read it, in other words, right? (Goodreads)

3. Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery

The one thing that might make this difficult – this is technically the second book in a series. So – apparently – I’m going to have to get the first book as well. What a pity. The sacrifices one has to make, right? (Goodreads)

4. The Bride Test

I absolutely loved The Kiss Quotient, so I’m really looking forward to reading this one as well. And also – you know, getting to see what happens to the characters from the first book after their story was technically done? I was never going to say no to that, right? (Goodreads)

Anyways, that’s my (undoubtedly overly ambitions) 2019 summer TBR, but what else is new, right? What are yo planning on reading this summer? Be sure to let me know below!