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Weekly Lists #141: Auto-Read Authors

Everyone probably has these – those authors that, the moment you see their name? You know you’re reading their book. Whether it’s because you’ve loved all their previous work, or just that you love them? These are some of my auto-read authors!

1. Cathy Kelly

This is one of those authors that I mention time and time again. Honestly, though, she’s the author that first got me into romance and/or chicklit, the genre that still makes out the jest of my reading these days. That deserves at least the occasional mention, doesn’t it? Plus, and this is not something I can say for too many other romance writers, she manages to write romance in such a way that not only are the characters, primary or secondary, are very defined; she also manages to twist together so many different stories in such a beautiful way… Honestly. She’s never let me down.

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2. Jill Mansell

I have to be honest here – the “auto-read”-aspect goes mainly for her later work. Some of her stories from the late 90s have, I feel, not necessarily aged too well. But then again, that has just meant that with each new book? This author seems to be getting better at what she does. If I’m in the need for something that will leave me feeling just that little bit better? Something with just the right amount of fluff and story? Jill Mansell is a sure way to get it.

3. Agatha Christie

Something that I probably don’t mention on the blog as much as maybe I should? I love detectivesOr specifically – I love Agatha Christie’s detectives. There is, at some point the following months, even a post coming up with my favorites of her works. Again: that’s how many I’ve loved and read. Whenever I want something that is relaxing, but also slightly “make me think”-ish? Agatha Christie is where it’s at. Sure, I always need to keep in mind that most, if not all, of her work was written in a very different time frame. But as long as I keep track of that? I never fail to enjoy an Agatha Christie.

4. Mitch Albom

We seem to just be going from “fluff” to “make me think”, and this author follows right along that scale. Now, mind you, I’ve only ever read 3 books of his. However. Each of those books? Now part of my “perspective-changing books”-series. They are honestly the kind of books that you can read through so easily. Not until you’re done, though, do you realize that – in fact – your perspective has been changed.

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5. Kazuo Ishiguro

Quick disclaimer: I’ve only ever read one (1) of this author’s books. That’s it. That’s all I needed to decide that I wanted to read everything. Honestly, if you’ve never read Never Let Me Go? You should go read it right now. Really. And once you’re done with that, go see the movie. It has Keira Knightly, Andrew Garfield ànd Carey Mulligan. What more do you need?

By the way – was anyone else surprised J.K. Rowling wasn’t on this list? Because, quite frankly – I was, just a little. I guess I’m just a Potterhead only?
Turning it over to you now: who are your auto-read authors? Any you think I might like as well? Be sure to let me know below!