Book Shelves Tour

So I’ve been seeing a lot of these book shelves tours going around on the internet, be it in video- or blog-form, and because I recently cleaned out my entire room (and as such: because I now have a rare chance to actually do this) I figured I might as well just go ahead and do one of my own!

So read on to see: my book shelves tour!
First things first: I have basically 5 different ‘shelves’ – 3 of which are school only, two of which are leisure reading.

Following my general philosophy in life: let’s get the unpleasant stuff out of the way first, so: let’s start with my school-ish book shelves!

Right under my window, next to my desk, there’s 2 (yes, you read that right two) shelves with basically nothing but manuals. One of them is dedicated entirely to those manuals discussing literature, the other is strictly linguistics-inclined:



On my desk, there’s a further four cubes filled with old course notes, which often also include entire books – just because of the amount of text fragments my professors were often throwing around.

I’m aware that I’m probably going to have to start finding another place to store them – considering that that’s just 5 years, and in other words: 2/5 of that amount of notes is still going to be added in there the next year.

no lie :p

These are also the least organised of all my shelves, just because I eventually reached a point where I just plain old sort of gave up.
That point was approximately when I reached my 3rd year of notes 🙂

Luckily, that calls an end to the “I need to own this”-shelves, and marks the start of the “I neeeeed to own this shelves”.

First off, I have an entire pair of shelves dedicated to nothing but Agatha Christie and chicklit-ish literature:

That’s one and a half shelves of nothing but Agatha Christie.
And one and a half shelves of nothing but Jill Mansel, Agatha Christie and cohorts.

And then – there’s the really good stuff:

Because of the way I buy my books (3/4 for school and 1/4 I have some money so let’s get all the books) it’s not really do-able for me to order my books by author or by colour – so eventually I just figured out a sort of ‘thematic’ ordering.

First up are two shelves with English Classics, ranging from Jane Austen to Shakespeare and more modern ‘classics’ like The Help and Never Let Me Go.

One shelf down, there’s the Dutch and French classics in the front, and a whole bunch of books I don’t really read all that often (or that I don’t read at all anymore, but just don’t want to throw away 🙂 )

Next up are the Young Adult books, which actually take up this entire shelf, including the row behind the one you can see – please don’t ask me how I get to those books when I want to read them, because I quite frankly really don’t know..

One more down, there’s the children’s literature, which has basically the same problem (advantage?) as the YA-books: too many books, not enough room!

In case you were wondering: the entire left side of these front shelves is basically nothing but Enid Blyton and then there’s a whole set of Astrid Lindgren books – oh well 🙂 )

And then, there’s all the random bits around these ‘main-shelves’: there’s some random books under my shelves (because I couldn’t fit them anymore), then some more random books in a big shoe books – because, same story really.

And, then, finally, because I still had some books (as well as some dvd’s) that I just couldn’t seem to find a place for anywhere else, I have this sort of ‘library display’-ish thingy, which now basically just holds some of my favourite films and books:

Some of my most treasured ones are probably the two first editions of Enid Blyton (which are safely in the second row, to make sure nothing accidentally drops on them or something) as well as Thursday’s Children, all the way in the front, which I just love!

And there you have it, that’s my book shelves tour done! Please tell me below (like, seriously, I need the re-affirmation) that I’m not the only one with this weird sort of a ‘thematic set up’? Or even just that you also have the one box of books that you just couldn’t fit in anywhere else anymore?