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Weekly lists #124: Bookish mugs wishlist

So I like books, right? And I’m a little obsessed with drinking tea, and hot chocolate, and soup, and warm apple cider, and… You get the picture, I’m sure. The point is: I need mugs. A lot of them. And through the years? Those two elements – books and mugs – have sort of combined. Into a gigantic, enormous, bookish mugs wishlist. Which you’re getting a preview to(and hopefully some inspiration from?) right here!

This post is not sponsored in any way or form. It does, however, contain affiliate links (marked with an *)

1. Obstinate Headstrong Girl!*

Because this is basically me, yes? And also – why not have a mug proclaiming your identity to the world? As well as your love for Pride and Prejudice? It sounds amazing!

2. “If You Don’t Get My Harry Potter References Then There is Some thing Siriusly Ron with You”*

This is such a classic amongst the Harry Potter puns, and I’ve always wanted it on something. So why not a mug, the one thing I’m almost guaranteed to have in my hand while rereading, for the umpthieth time, the Harry Potter books? 🙂

3. One Does Not Simply Enter A Wardrobe Without Searching For Narnia Mug*

Look, any variation on the “one does not simply”-meme will be a hit. Add in Narnia? I’m sold.
(Also, apparently I kind of have a thing for the simple yet elegant white mug. Who knew 🙂 )

4. Too Many Books Mug*

Because, well… Books, obviously!

5. I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie*

Is it bad that I really like this song because of the Friends-scene? I mean, like, really like it? Because if so, well… Then I would still pretty much love this mug. I mean, did you see it just now? Did you? It’s genious!

Bonus: Peter Pan Magical Colour Changing Mug*

I mean, listen, this mug changes colours. Also, it has Peter Pan on the front. Like, flying. With Wendy and her brothers. Do I even need to explain this any further?

Now, this is just a fragment, but obviously there is no such thing as too many mugs. So if you have any other mugs that you love? Or that you think should be a thing? Be sure to let me know below!