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#TBT: Favourite old posts

You know that whole thing where youtubers watch their first ever video? Yeah, I love those. So I figured: why not do something like that myself? Why not go back, all the way to my first posts in the summer of 2015, and see what I wrote like back then? What my favourite old posts are? And of course: how much cringe can be collected in just those couple of words?

A blog has to start somewhere

This is  not me telling you this, but rather the actual title to my actual first ever post. I mean, I guess I was right, right? Although, it also features an absolutely horrible-quality picture of me when I was, like…. 13? 14 maybe? Oh, and I had (and this is obvious!) absolutely no idea what to do with writing. Even though, as I claim in that post itself? I’d been wanting to have a blog for actual years. So there’s that 🙂

Some days, you just have to do nothing

You know, again, I’m not technically wrong. Even if I still haven’t learned that lesson three years on. Oops?

Also – no picture. Why did I not have a picture? Even if it was horrible quality, like it was for my first ever post?

Why one should take it slow

I take it back. No picture is better than whatever this was. Seriously – awful paint-skills, much?

But again: such life lessons to be learned from my first couple of posts! So many interesting messages! (Also, at least the amount of sarcasm I use on a daily basis hasn’t changed? :p )

Things you should probably not be doing as a study break

And I’m back at it again with the awesome paint-skills. Seriously, whoever tought me about Canva? They need a reward. Or at least a large amount of thanks. Because, obviously? I needed it.

Also, this is the first ever weekly list – can you imagine? And now we’re 124 weekly lists in!

(Another also: what on earth was I thinking with the long title? It summarises the post, I guess, but that’s entirely too many words, no?)

The main conclusion from this brief look into the past of this blog: thank Merlin for Canva, thank me for sarcasm – and thank blogging-posts for getting better at writing titles. Even if just slightly 😉

What did your blog look like, when you first started it? Has it changed a lot? Or is it still largely the same (I’m somewhere in between, obviously). Be sure to let me know below!