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Weekly Lists #120: Characters I used to Love

There’s something quite bittersweet about going back to a book, or series, or movie you once loved, isn’t there? On the one hand, there’s that feeling that you just don’t appreciate it the way you once did. There’s no such thing a s the first time you read or saw a certain story. And then there’s the possibility that’s even worse. That suddenly you realize that one character you loved so much? Yeah, not really all that anymore. In other words: here’s some characters I used to love!

1.John Watson – BBC Sherlock

This is the only non-book character, but I had to include it in this list just because I liked this series so much originally.  And then I basically stopped watching it – through this character. First of all, the translation to a tv-screen means that rather than realise you’re seeing only Watson’s idealised version of Sherlock, you get the impression Sherlock really is all that. Second – I thought Mary could maybe class the character up, get him back on track. Instead, well… Season 4 happened.

(Don’ worry, I realise this is basically a problem with the writers who f***ed up. But really, Watson was just really symptomatic of the whole ordeal)

2. Adam – Shatter Me-series

When I first read this series, especially throughout the first book, I was all for Adam. I honestly didn’t get why people would even like Warner, let alone want to see him with Juliette. Throughout the books, I found myself warming up to Warner, absolutely. But it wasn’t until after I’d finished reading the books that I realised just how much I didn’t like Adam. He’s set up to be this perfect dream guy, but of course he really is just that – a dream that Juliette hung on to. And that should be quickly forgotten about.

3. Edward, Jacob and Bella – Twilight

I can be really short about this: that series was wasted on these characters. Literally every other character had a story that would have been more interesting to get into. And while I can still appreciate the series for what it was for me when I read it? (around 2009, I wanna say?) Looking back now – I want to know Rosalie’s, Jaspers, and so on and so forth’s story more than I care about even a summary of the main characters’ stories.

4. Severus Snape – Harry Potter

This isn’t about Snape being a good character.

Let me make that very clear.

Snape is an amazing character – because he showcasts very clearly how people can become absolutely bitter and stuck in the past, even if they try to move past it. Or at the very least act as if they are.

Because, let’s be honest: Severus Snape is NOT a good person. Whatever he feels for Lily, it is not – as he claims – love. Or at least not a healthy type of love. Obsession? Maybe. Unhealthy? Definitely.

(And while I used to appreciate Snape more as a person – even if I don’t think I ever really bought into the whole “always”-hype –  I have to say again: as a character? He’s a specimen!)

5. Albus Dumbledore – Harry Potter

Where I always had some misgivings about Snape – let’s be real, he was just too big of a jerk not to have any – Dumbledore was more of a painful awakening. It actually took fanfiction for me to finally realise just how not okay Dumbledore is.

I mean – dumping a baby on the ground in the beginning of November? That much power in the hands of one man? The amount of time Harry is basically trained to be a pig for slaughter? The number of tasks that could – should – have been undertaken, but instead Dumbledore was busy accumulating power and choosing the most brightly coloured robes? I could go on and on, but basically: find some nice Grey!Dumbledore-fanfictions, and you’ll probably see what I’m saying. Or just reread the entire series from the point of view of children’s safety. Which, you know, should be pretty high up the list of important things in a school, right? 🙂

And there you have it, 5 (well, 7) characters I used to love but now – for various reasons – don’t even like all that much anymore. And of course, that makes me wonder: have you had the same journey with any of these characters? Where you used to love them, and now just… You don’t? Or are there any characters that haven’t aged too well, in your book? Be sure to let me now below!