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Weekly Lists #119: Favorite Romance Series

What’s this? Two weekly lists in one week? In two days even? Yes, that’s right! I’ve got some catching up to do from last week’s missed post. Plus, it’s the last but one day of the #inloveathon. And guess what? A large (large) amount of the books I read for that readathon? Romance series. A lot of the romance books I read in general have been series actually. There’s just something about knowing you’ll see a character again, isn’t there? So let’s get right to the good stuff!

1. Sarra Manning

Although not technically a series, a lot of Sarra Manning’s work takes place in the same universe. It’s the kind of thing where each book can be read as a standalone as well, but reading them all? It just gives it that little bit extra! Now, I don’t know exactly in what order these go chronologically, so I’m just going to mention them in the order that I read them. Plus the most recent one, which I haven’t read yet – but I do think it’s part of the “series” as well!


2. Butterfly Cove, Sarah Bennet

Long live Netgalley ARC’s that make you buy the previous books because you just need to get the entire story, right? This is an actual series, although each books focusses on a different sister. Now, the sisters do silly things occasionally. So do the brothers and/or friends they end up with (it’s not a spoiler if it’s blatantly obvious from the beginning, right?). But best of all? They do all of that in a totally relatable way. And in what is described as one of the most amazing settings I can imagine πŸ™‚


3.Crown Jewels Romance Series

Another Netgalley find, and another series where I read the books maybe a little bit too quickly. You see, I love royal love stories. Real life or fiction, I’m curious. And this series not only gives you the scoop on how a prince and commoner will get together, but on how tough it can be to stay together as well. You know, just your ordinary stuff πŸ™‚


4.Best Girls Series, Tamie Dearen

This was, as far as I can remember right now, the gateway. The series that made me look for more series. Also known as: the series that made me lose a lot of money to Kindle. Through its own parts, Γ nd the other series I’ve since read.
Untypically, though, this book actually starts with a mother. If I’m being honest, that’s one of the things I liked most about it. It allowed a woman to be a great mother Γ nd have some luck at romance. What more do you need? Oh, yes, that’s right. A novella from the guy’s point of view and 4 more books – the daughters, the friends, … Anything you want: it’s there πŸ™‚

5.Kate Perry’s work

Again, I’m not writing a series here. But that’s because Perry (NOT the singer) has had the brilliant idea to expand upon the idea of linking books together through characters – she’s done it with entire series! From Laurel Heights (Francisco), someone moves to London, jumpstarting the Summerhill-series. From that one, someone moves to San Francisco, and so the Fillmore & Greenwich-series is born. I’m not sure whether someone has an moving plans in that one yet. If they do, however? You can bet I’m reading that too.
(Btw: do check out my reviews-page, if you want to read my thoughts on some of Kate Perry’s books! There’s entirely too many to list here, but they’re nicely mentioned there πŸ™‚ )

And naturally, this leads me to my final question: what are some of your favourite romance series? I’ve currently almost run out of options, so I really need some new recommendations. Feel free to let me know below!