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Gift Guide for Book Lovers

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that us book lovers are practically perfect in every way. Except for one thing. What are you supposed to give someone who only wants books, if you don’t want to give them, you know… Books? Well, if nothing else, that’s the bf is thinking these days, probably. Luckily, I’ve got his back. Well, he’s not allowed to read my blog until after Christmas, but still. As soon as Christmas is over, this will be useful for him! And until then? Well, you can enjoy this gift guide for book lovers!

1. Book-accessories

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1. Book sleeve: if you’ve ever had to carry a book with you, you’ll know this: they get hurt. Whether they get bent, they get stains, they get squished… Basically, no purse or bag is safe for your book. Especially not if, like me, you tend to… Kind of throw your bag around where ever you go? Either way, a book sleeve is the way to go to save guard your favourite book lover’s favourite possession! (Etsy)

2. Cozy Reader Bundle Gift: basically – I just want this. So, probably, other book lover’s will want it as well? (Page 1.)

3. Bibliphile: An illustrated Miscellany: or, really, any book about the love for books… You can find this one on Etsy, or a book such as 84 Charing Cross Road or Reading People.

2. Other accessories

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1. Cookbook apron: if your book lover likes  cooking? Then this gift is basically a must. After all – one must stay true to their bookloving roots on all occasions, right? (Etsy)

2. Book pins: and not only should you always stay true to those roots – they should also carry out the message of bookloving. Whether just by claiming their title as bookworm, or by proclaiming their love for a certain set of romantic heroes 🙂

3. Bookish mug: because, let’s be real. What’s better than a nice cup of tea or a hot cocoa to accompany your book? (Etsy)

3. Miscellaneous

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1. Pride and Prejudice Board Game: in case anyone wasn’t quite sure yet – I really like Jane Austen. So of course, I would love a board game all about her work! (Ash Grove Press)

2. 221b Baker Street Board Game: if you want to get someone’s braincells working? Well, you might as well consult the ultimate detective. Also, there’s a couple of books with the Sherlock Holmes’ riddles, and even my local non-book lover (yes, the bf is blasphemist!) loves that one! (Gibsons)

3. Bookopoly: honestly, this one should speak for itself. And, if you know exactly what books your book lover loves most? Well, why not make your own version of the game! Or of Trivial Pursuit, for that matter? (Amazon)

4. Origin of Expressions: this one doesn’t need any explanation – as a matter of fact, it gives the explanations! (Amazon)

So, assuming you’re a fellow book lover – what gifts would you most like receiving? Or, if you’re gifting to a book lover, do you think they might like any particular gifts of this list? Be sure to let me know below! And of course, if you’re in need of more Christmas posts or the rest of this year’s blogmas? Be sure to check out the tag!