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Favourite Seasonal Music

One of my favourite posts to write for blogmas each year, is the music-one. You see, there are so many great songs at Christmas time. And I’m not necessarily talking about Mariah Carey – although a good All I Want For Christmas is definitely a plus from time to time. No, I’m talking my all time, classic, favourite seasonal music!

1. We Three Kings – Celtic Woman

Honestly, Celtic Woman has been a set presence in this list since its first edition. Although I have to admit, I’m hoping they’ll bring out some new Christmas music soon, as I am going to start running out of new songs to mention at some point in the future. Until then, though? Well, I’ll just be sitting here, thoroughly enjoying this beautiful rendition of We Three Kings!

2. Underneath the Tree – Kelly Clarkson

Okay, so I know I said this would be more about the classics. However, I discovered this Kelly Clarkson-original recently and what struck me most? Is that it honestly feels like one of the Bing Crosby-classics. So often, songs try to duplicate that feeling of cosiness that you can get from a Christmas song. This one, however, actually manages to replicate it. Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate Clarkson’s vocals? Talk about power house!

3. Fatto Per La Notte Di Natale – Pierre Vaucher & Luigi Macciotta

I did this last year as well– mention a song that no one else seems to know. I mean, this song wasn’t even on Youtube! And, honestly, I only know it because it came on a Christmas CD that was given when you bought a certain amount of coffee. The fact that it was on a CD, should also illustrate the fact that this song was definitely part of the soundtrack of my childhood. And, while I don’t speak a word of Italian? I can sing this entire song. Well – I can mimic the sounds, that is.

4. Silver and Gold

This is one of those songs that I have in at least 7 different versions. And I love all of them. There’s something very calming about the melody of this song, and honestly, I think that’s why I love it so much!

5. Don Oiche Ud i mBeithil – Celtic Woman

And as per the usual, we’re starting and finishing with Celtic Woman. I think part of the reason I like Fatto Per La Notte Di Natale so much, is that it’s in not-English. So many of the Christmas songs we hear these days, are quite commercialized. And that’s fine, but it’s also nice to have some variation from that. And anything not-in-English? Tends to do that. All of this, just to say: part of the reason I like this one is that it’s in Celtic. The other is that it’s by Celtic Woman. The third reason? Well, I mean… Have you listened to this song? It’s gorgeous!

Anyways, what Christmas songs are you loving these days? Any you would like to share? I’m honestly of the opinion that there’s no such thing as too many Christmas songs, so I’m definitely open to any suggestions! And of course, if you want even more Christmas-posts, Christmas songs, or the rest of this year’s blogmas-posts? Be sure to check out the tags!