About Books #102: Mad About You

It’s funny how, the moment you see a certain author’s name, you just assume you know what their book’s going to be like. And, in the case of Anna Premoli? I usually equate that “what” with “good”. But was that the case as well for Mad About You?

I was offered an ARC by Netgalley in exchange for a review. All opinions are strictly my own.

The story

Giada Borghi has always known exactly what she wants. Graduating with honours? Check. An internship at a prestigious consulting company in Milan? Check! Ariberto Castelli, with his pretty face and unironically monogrammed shirts? Definitely not.

Sure, they may have shared a kiss in a nightclub once upon a time – that doesn’t change anything! Boys like Ariberto and girls like Giada just don’t belong together. But working so closely with a handsome Italian is bound to turn any girl’s head, especially as she realises there’s more to Ariberto than meets the eye.

The summer days are long and hot… can Giada make it through with her head – and heart – intact?

The opinion

Anna Premoli mentions herself, at the end of Mad About You, that this story came to her differently than it would usually. It just sort of “popped up” and “demanded to be written”, so to say. This may just be me, but I do feel as if that came through more than the author maybe intended to.

That’s to say – as a rule, I expect an Anna Premoli-book to have witty conversation and to be rather high-paced. Compared to those expectations, Mad About You seemed more like a leisurely walk in the park than the usual roller coaster.

Of course, that’s not a bad thing – rather the opposite, this book makes for a perfect quick read, as well as a glorious piece of escapism, if you require that. Just keep in mind that, compared to, for example, Accidentally in Love and especially What’s Love Got To Do With It, Mad About You really is a different kind of book.

The rating: 3,5/5

As I mentioned before, this is certainly an enjoyable read. It’s just that I went in expecting full Anna Premoli-greatness, and in that aspect? Mad About You just didn’t quite live up to my high hopes… (Goodreads)


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