O.W.L.’s Magical Readathon – TBR

So it’s been a while since I participated in a readathon of any sorts, and it’s mostly just because I haven’t really found any that I really wanted to do? However. However, then I came across this O.W.L.’s Magical Readathon on Book Roast’s channel? I just knew that I needed to do it. Because, you know: Harry Potter. Also, it lasts for the entirety of April, so I’m quite curious to see how far I can actually go in this. I’m not usually that good at making myself read certain books, so, you know… It’ll be a challenge for me that way as well!

Want to see what I’m reading for the O.W.L.s Magical Readathon this year, Check out my 2020 TBR!

Choosing your courses

As Book Roast explains in her introductory video, you basically start out by deciding what career you want to go for. There’s an entire Wizarding Career Guide Book that offers you the chance to remind yourself (discover?) what career might fit you best.

Based on that career, you get a list of courses that you need to take, both on the O.W.L.- and on the N.E.W.T.S.-level. The O.W.L.’s run from April 1st until April 30th, while the N.E.W.T.s run from August 1st to August 31st. And yes, you do need to pass your O.WL.’s to be allowed to take the corresponding N.E.W.T.s!

And, honestly, this bit was hard for me. Because, you know, what magical career do I not want to try? There were at least 5 that spoke to me – from Librarian or Journalist to Hogwarts Professor… Eventually, I figured I’d do the only logical thing: pull a Hermione, and just go for all the Alchemist.

Because you know – that means you have to take all the O.W.L.s. Basically. I mean, I do get a 2 week-Easter break this April, so I’m hoping that’ll help with getting the reading done!


Just for the sake of actually succeeding at this challenge, I figured I would try and be smart about this. Basically, I have an “ideal” prompt for every single of these prompts, and then I have, in most cases, a back-up option. Something that’s really short and that could technically count for the prompt. So let’s get going with those!

Ancient Runes: a retelling

The Princess and the Fangirl – this is a retelling of Cinderella that is published on April 2nd. Just in time for this prompts, in other words!

Back-up option: Onder Moeder’s Paraplu: a short retelling of Cinderella

Arithmancy: A work written by more than one author

The Wicked and the Divine Part 7: Mothering Invention: I read and loved the entirety of this series last year, and I’m actually really looking forward to having an excuse to read it now!

Astronomy: “Star” in the title

The Sun is Also a Star: You know those books that are on your TBR for an eternity before you ever actually get to reading them? That’s this book. So what not try and finish it?

Back up: MIjn Gele Ster (My Canary Yellow Star): I did actually read this book a while ago, but I’ve been meaning to give it a reread for a while now. As it’s a children’s books, it’ll probably go at least slightly faster than the basic option. Hopefully. I mean, it is the story of a Jewish girl during the second world war

Care of Magical Creatures: Land animal on the cover

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe: there’s a lion on the front of my copy of this one, so that counts, right? Also, it’s been an while since I last read the Narnia-books, so I figured it was about time I plan a re-read.

Back up: Jessi Ramsey, Pet-Sitter: this is a bit of a fluff-read, but as I am currently making my way back through the Baby-Sitters Club-series, I feel as if I might as well include one of them in this TBR. And, you know, I counted at least 10 different land animals on the cover. So there’s that, right?

Charms: Age-line: read an adult work

No choices for this one – about a third or half of what I read is adult books, so I’ll just see if anything pops out for me, this month. If not, well… I’ve got an entire list of books I want to (re-)read just standing there, waiting for me!

Defence Against the Dark Arts: Reducto: title starts with an “R”

Romanovs: I’ve mentioned I wanted to read this book in at least 3 TBR’s that I can remember. I’ve never actually done so. Maybe this time?

This is, by the way, the point where I wish I’d known about the O.W.L.’s magical readathon sooner. Because, you know – I’ve just finished Red, White and Royal Blue twice in the last 5 days. And that one would’ve been perfect for this prompt!

Back up: Royals: because fluff, and royalty, and also, what I’ve read by Rachel Hawthorne so far, I’ve really enjoyed!

Divination: Set in the future

The Last Beginning (The Next Together #2): I’m fairly sure this is set in the future. Or at least in some sort of future? Either way, it’s been on my TBR since like 2014, so I need to get on that one STAT.

Herbology: Plant on the cover

Furthermore: there’s a tree of sorts on the cover of this one, so I’m counting it as a win.

Back up: Ronia the Robber’s Daughter: because it’s about the daughter of a robber who lives in the middle of a forest. And the entire cover is basically trees and shrubbery. Also, it’s a fun, quick read and a story I know I love.

History of Magic: Published at least 10 years ago

Any of the Anne of Green Gables books. I need to finish that series, considering I started it over 10 years ago :p

Muggle Studies: Contemporary

Another one where I’m not going to pick any choices now. That way, I can keep this one ànd the adult literature for a back up, if I’m not really feeling any of the other prompts?

Potions: Next ingredient: sequel

The Mermaid’s Voice Returns in This One: It’s the third in the series, it’s a quick read, and I do think I’ll like it. You know, considering I really loved Princess and Witch

Transfiguration: Sprayed edges or red cover

Collector’s Library Edition of Yeat‘ poetry – it has these gorgeous golden sprayed edges. Or, really any of my Collector’s Library Editions.

Back up: Alice in Wonderland – I’ve got a copy that has a cover that’s completely (dark) red, with golden lettering and it’s just gorgeous – and it’s been a while since I’ve last read it.

So, yeah, there you have it. In theory, reading 12 books should be fine. Actually reading 12 books that I set out for myself, though? That’s always been something of a more difficult job for me. I’m hoping that, by giving myself some back-ups and a couple of categories where I don’t have any set options might help with that. Either way, we’ll see.

If you’re also participating in the O.W.L.’s magical readathon, what magical occupation have you chosen? And what books have you opted for? Be sure to let me know below!