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Weekly Lists #205: Favourite Pride and Prejudice Fanfictions

This post is approximately 100% inspired by Friday’s upcoming book review. I got a chance to read There’s Something About Darcy and – as it turns out – I not only loved it? I also kind of wanted to go and read every single piece of Pride and Prejudice fanfiction out there. And for a lack of time to actually do that? Well, I figured I’d just list some of my favourite ones!

1. A New Life for Cathrine Bennet

If you ever wondered what exactly was to become of the two other Bennet-sisters: you’re not the only one. One of my favourite renditions of Kitty’s life, at least, is this story, where she is taken away by an aunt and raised in a much more genteel environment.

The author of this fanfiction actually wrote a sequel about Mary as well – so there you go, two for the price of one!

2. The Forgotten Sister

Another one focussing on the other Bennet-sisters, particularly Mary this time. Although she is, indeed, quite often forgotten about, I generally found myself identifying with her more so than with Elisabeth. I’m not quite sure what that says about me, but it did leave me full-heartedly rooting for her.

This fanfiction manages to beautifully sketch a continuation where Mary, too gets her happily ever after. And what’s even better, we get a narration of the same story in the point of view of her love interest, Henry, as well! The two of them are so similar, that it actually left me kind of frustrated at times – but hey, all for a happy ending, right?

3. The Lecherous Mr Collins

This wasn’t so much a fanfiction which I liked the beginning of, but it did really play into that slimy feeling I got from Mr Collins, especially his rendition in the 2005 movie. What comes after, though, is a plot device often used in Pride and Prejudice fanfictions: what if Elizabeth and Darcy married earlier, and only then got to truly appreciate each other? Suffice it to say – it’s good.

There’s actually quite a few fanfiction that take this concept – Darcy and Elizabeth marry before they’ve really gotten to know each other. Darcy’s Bride is a pretty good one as well, if you like that trope!

4. The Future of Mary Bennet

Yes, more Mary Bennet. What can I say – she makes for an excellent character to further flesh out, you know? And that is done particularly well in The Future of Mary Bennet.

Because, first of all, isn’t their future exactly what worries Mrs Bennet so much about her daughters? And secondly, what more could you want than a fic which starts with this brilliant phrase?

Mary Bennet would prefer to be left to her books, piano and introverted musings, but that’s impossible to do when you’re sent to chaperone your little sister to every ball and gathering in England.

5. Burning Love: Going Up In Flames

You know, I seriously considered cheating here and just adding in something like the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. But it wasn’t meant to be – I figured, considering I’m the one who gave myself the subject, I might as well see it through.

Instead, I opted to go for one of the first modern adaptations of Pride and Prejudice I ever read. Imagine Pride and Prejudice, and add “The Bachelor”. It sounds like it shouldn’t work, but somehow it does, in this fic. And how!

Honestly, these are only some of the Pride and Prejudice fanfictions I’ve enjoyed through the years. If I were to mention them all, though… Well – suffice it to say: we’d be here for a while still. And I still have a huge list of both adaptations ├ánd fanfictions I still want to read as well! Nonetheless, I could probably do with just a little more inspiration – so feel free to mention any of your favourite P&P (or even just Jane Austen!) fanfictions below!


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